Kids enjoy Pond Inlet’s ball diamond as it nears completion

Diamond will be fully paid for by the Jays Care Foundation, says hamlet CAO

The Hamlet of Pond Inlet won against the Government of Nunavut in slo-pitch tournament play Tuesday evening on the community’s newly installed diamond. (Photo courtesy of Dave Stockley)

By David Venn
Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Kids in Pond Inlet have taken to the community’s nearly complete baseball diamond, even as the hamlet aims to put some final touches on it in the coming weeks.

Workers from the south travelled to the north Baffin Island community and installed the turf over the Aug. 13-14 weekend. In the two weeks that the turf has been laid out, senior administrative officer Dave Stockley said kids have been out playing ball.

“It’s a beautiful setup. The community, the kids — they just love it,” he said in an interview with Nunatsiaq News.

The diamond, which was supposed to be installed prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, includes artificial turf, a backstop, fences and bleachers next to the Community Hall.

The turf is installed with some temporary fencing around it, Stockley said.

Bleachers and a backstop will be put up over the next few weeks and a cover for the turf is planned to be delivered next year, he said.

Stockley said the $90,000 cost of the diamond will be covered by the Jays Care Foundation in exchange for the Toronto Blue Jays logo being displayed on the field.

In 2021, the hamlet bought softballs and baseball bats in preparation of the field being installed.

Five teams participated in a tournament this week, from the Government of Nunavut, the hamlet, elementary school, high school and Nunavut Housing Corp.

In the future when the diamond is complete, the Pond Inlet recreation department will organize more team play. For now, it’s mostly open for the community’s children to enjoy.

“It’s just kids now, having fun,” Stockley said.


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(7) Comments:

  1. Posted by Umingmak on

    This is so cool. Baker Lake already has a great baseball diamond, funded by Agnico Eagle, and baseball has become very popular there. Amazing work by the Blue Jays to fund this. It would be so cool to see a baseball player from Nunavut some day playing in the pros, even if it’s just the minor leagues.

    • Posted by Pond Inlet miut on

      Unfortunately our Baffinland Iron Ore mine doesn’t fund anything, they think paying people wages is compensation for their presence.

      • Posted by Clown Car on

        Such an ignorant comment, it’s this attitude that ‘almost’ makes me wish they would just pack up, go home and let you wallow in the misery you seem so adjusted to.

  2. Posted by What is going on ? on

    Many Inuit people in Nunavut had no problem with Edmonton Eskimos ?
    Some of our leaders made a profession of getting it removed !
    Now Toronto Blue Jays logo in Pond Inlet baseball diamond.
    Hope our leaders keep us advised. LOL.

    • Posted by Mittimatalikmiuta on

      Thank you Blue Jays for the sponsor and Thank you Hamlet of Pond Inlet for making it happen

  3. Posted by Cranking Dingers All Day on

    It’s very lovely, but what’s the distance to those outfield fences? Looks very short.

    • Posted by unknown pond on

      its better than not having one eh 🙂 its fun still

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