KRG’s communications network breached, impact not yet known

Regional government announced a security breach of its network; representative declines to comment Tuesday

KRG says a security breach of its network will cause slower response time for the organization. (Photo by Jeff Pelletier)

By Cedric Gallant - Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Kativik Regional Government says a security breach of its internal computer and phone network has slowed its communications.

In a note posted to its website Monday, KRG advised that communications with the organization will be slow as it works on restoring phone services.

A representative for KRG declined to comment Tuesday but said more information will be provided later this week on the nature of the breach and whether employees’ or residents’ information was accessed during the breach.

A spokesperson for the Nunavik Police Service could not be reached for comment Tuesday.

This is at least the second security breach at a large organization in Nunavik or Nunavut this year.

In January, Qulliq Energy Corp. in Nunavut was the victim of a cyberattack that shut down access to the agency’s critical data. The incident led to the Government of Nunavut taking over Qulliq’s IT system on a permanent basis.


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(5) Comments:

  1. Posted by No one available for comment on

    Typically no one available for comment. It’s because no one got a clue anyway even when things are not breached.

  2. Posted by Update on

    How long until krg employees get an update?

    • Posted by KRG takes break from facebook on

      Is it possible that KRG employees are not able to go on Facebook and messenger at the office now? That’s terrible if so.

  3. Posted by Emergency numbers ? on

    Maybe that’s why I’m hearing stories about not being able to call the police. Like to report a drunk driver or other emergency happenings , what do a person do, call? Someone answers down there somewhere, and it’s not reliable. What or who do people call if they need the Nunavik police? Seriously! Is KRG aware of that , or is that just a given part of no communication?

    • Posted by That’s the usual day to day on

      What I mean is nothing to do really with the breach. Calling the police in kuujjuaq is disgusting and discouraging. First the number is not straightforward, and someone down south answer, and you may never see or hear from the police. I see police once in awhile , but I see more drunk drivers on the road. If I see it and it’s talk of the town , how do police not do anything?

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