KSB should stick to education


Last week, my son came home with a document sent from our school board. This is document is titled, “A statement by the Kativik School Board concerning negotiations for a new form of government,” and it’s in three languages. These papers must have been sent to all the schools in Nunavik.

As a parent, I have strong objections about the school board using my son and school children to deliver political messages. My son had no idea what he brought home. He probably thought it was an educational memo sent to parents from the school.

It seems the administration of the school board down South is being too political and not concentrating enough on educational matters. We hear they have brought our other regional organizations to court. How come we the parents have never been consulted before a serious move like that was made?

The Kativik School Board must be spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on the court case. Instead, this money could be used for much needed educational resources required by our schools.

I hear there are no proper Inuttitut and cultural teaching materials. There does not seem to be a cultural curriculum in place after 25 years of the KSB’s existence. How can we expect to have Inuit professionals like nurses, doctors, electricians and so on when this school board does not focus entirely on education?

My understanding is that Makivik Corporation represents Inuit in Nunavik on the political front. The Kativik School Board should be concentrating on its mandate, which is education.

I have a lot to say, but I will end my letter by saying do not use our school children to deliver political messages.

K. Annanack

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