Kugluktuk to return to restricted liquor system Sept. 4

Hamlet voted for new liquor rules in May 16 plebiscite

Kugluktuk’s new restricted liquor system will come into effect on Sept. 4. The hamlet had voted in a May 16 plebiscite to restrict the amount of alcohol people can buy in the community. (File photo)

By Nunatsiaq News

The Government of Nunavut is reminding people that new liquor restrictions will soon come into effect in Kugluktuk.

On May 16, hamlet residents held a community plebiscite and voted to move from an unrestricted to a restricted liquor system. 

As of Sept. 4, the new limit per person for each two-week period for importing or purchasing liquor will be:

  • 1.775 liters of spirits (1 x 60-ounce bottle); 

and either:

  • 17.04 litres of beer (48 x 355ml cans); or
  • 3.75 litres of wine (5 x 750ml bottles)

Finance Department spokesperson Weichien Chan said purchasing alcohol from the Nunavut Liquor and Cannabis Commission does not require an import permit, but purchasing alcohol from outside Nunavut does require a permit, which can be purchased from the NULC office or by email at orders@nulc.ca.

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  1. Posted by Jimbo Slicepie on

    They do know that, with restrictions come more bootlegging, just look at how it works in other Nunavut communities. Eskimo Point had more booze then Rankin Inlet at any point in the past, hope all things work out for your people. Make Kugluktuk Great again,


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