Niivi Snowball, second from right in the front row, is shown at the front of this year’s Montreal Pride Parade on Aug. 13. (Photo courtesy of Isabelle Dubois)

Kuujjuaq activist takes lead at Montreal Pride parade

Niivi Snowball was invited to represent two-spirit people of Nunavik at annual downtown event

By Cedric Gallant - Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Niivi Snowball, one of Kuujjuaq’s most vocal activists, led the way when Montreal’s annual Pride Parade took over the streets of downtown on Aug. 13.

“I was invited to represent the two-spirit people of Nunavik,” said Snowball in a phone interview.

“I walked in front of the parade because this year they really wanted to emphasize two-spirit people amongst the LGBTQ community.”

Two-spirit is a term that’s specific to queer Indigenous identities.

Most important for Snowball was the chance to share experiences with other prominent Indigenous figures in this community from across the country.

“When I met all the native representatives, it was so heartwarming. We all got to share our cultures with each other, and it was amazing,” Snowball said.

Kitikmeot Community Futures Inc., Job Opportunity – Executive Director

For the event, Snowball wore a costume featuring red handprints on a white shirt, signifying the national issue of missing and murdered Indigenous women.

“I got the help from other Indigenous people,” Snowball said. “Right before the parade, all of them put their hands on the dress with red paint. That was really cool.

“Just walking, I felt very empowered. I could be myself.”

Snowball has been organizing Kuujjuaq’s Pride events for several years now.

There was a moment of silence held during the Montreal parade to honour LGBTQ people who have died. This was something Snowball would like to include in future events in Nunavik.

“The moment of silence was very powerful,” Snowball said.

Invitation for Applications – Deputy Clerk of the Legislative Assembly of Nunavut

“It was a powerful moment, and I think we should include that in our Pride as well. It should be for the people that we have lost along the way, especially the people we have lost to suicide in our communities.”

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  1. Posted by M. C. on

    Somewhat of an exaggeration what with the multifaceted gender identity thing, 2 spirited, etc are accepted across Canada’s society at large no problem. It is the powers that are that use any issue to distract including in that the gender silos. Meanwhile reaping huge rewards to scurry away to the banks and financial markets. The people average people are being played as fools.

  2. Posted by Apiqquit on

    Biggest love and support for this young person! These negative comments can go straight back to their gross dark souls.
    Today- we choose love!

    • Posted by Mostly you on

      There are no negative comments, only self important narcissists who pretend there are so they can lash out in virtuous displays of righteous indignation.

  3. Posted by Mr.Miyagi on

    I wonder why the public would rather take a look at this instead of the corruption amongst us within authoritarian bodies? Making us all blind and oblivious of actual issues.

    • Posted by the way it is… on

      The public does not care, readers don’t care, but virtue signalling journalists who see themselves as an enlightened class of pontiffs, well they care.


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