Kuujjuaq kindergarteners start school

Kindergarten students at Kuujjuaq’s Pitakallak school arrive for their first day of classes on Tuesday, Sept. 8. The school will gradually reopen for older students, with Grade 1 students returning in one week and then students in the higher grades will start to return. (Photo by Malaya Qaunirq Chapman)

By Nunatsiaq News

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  1. Posted by Watch closely on

    Covid has big opportunity to come to kuujjuaq. We hope it’s not a second wave of disaster. It will show up sooner than later, hopefully mild. This school opening with a flux of educators from far regions will help to spread it. Just mark my words. Let’s get real thou, we don’t need Nunavik board of health and social services, combined with the hospital shedding fear and confusion to the people, as was today via the local fm. Someone should take responsibility to educate the local directors. One director of maintenance was stuck on visions of big spaces like 30 beds, generators, all other useless talk about his protection to the people , please educate that director, and calm him down. Lots of misinformation to kuujjuaq today by the fm at lunch time. It shouldn’t be allowed.

    • Posted by Common sense gone with the wind on

      People have literally lost their common sense of direction in this covid-19 times. As real and seriously as it all is, people’s behaviours are so out of proportion to needed preventive measures. There’s too much confusion, unfortunately so, among the ones in leadership giving out information. Too many experts with too little education about viral and medical knowledge up on stage performing. You have economics, business, politics all playing their part in misleading people into unnecessary behaviours. Very few in authority are aware of the real demographics of who is causing the spread, aka, those younger groups in bars and who continue to gather in herded groups. You have people wearing mask, while driving alone in their cars. You have14 day quarantine. Yet you see the same people up close to each other, contradictory to the rules 90 percent of the time, no one knows what to do to behave in a preventive way. You got those that have taken cover under their private roof and was never seen since covid was announced months ago, like dear friend where and why are you hiding away? It only takes a bit of common sense to stay safe. Stay away from the gatherings, wear your mask when out in public, but common sense is no more. Covid has taken a wind of its own, but was never forecasted to be this way, but if it’s here to stay, lost of common sense must be so much part of the human condition. Intelligence comes down to that common sense, many still have it, most do not.

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