Kuujjuaq prepares for more COVID-19 testing

A work crew prepares a platform to set up a new tent outside of the Tulattavik health centre in Kuujjuaq last month, for health-care workers to administer COVID-19 tests, and potentially vaccines. (Photo by Allen Gordon)

By Nunatsiaq News

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  1. Posted by Public not compliant on

    I’m telling you like it is. There’s too much confusion with how to be preventive with this virus. The federal, the provincial and the regional authorities are not in sequence with information and or strategic plans. Kuujjuaq has a case, and here the Anglican Church has invited 34 people from around Nunavik to come to kuujjuaq to kick start the church resuming large groups. This virus will survive because of ignorance, not because it has to. I urge people to stay home, stay away from hot spots like gatherings.

    • Posted by Concernd on

      Good advice , but it will go in one ear and out the other

  2. Posted by Sad to watch it come by on

    With all the red zones in southern Quebec, I’m surprised that our regional authorities are taking it with a grain of salt. We will watch this virus come into Nunavik with devastation. But it need not be that way. We have an opportunity to insight the south and protect our region before it gets the biggest opportunity to arrive. Nothing is being taking serious enough to keep this virus out of our region. We go about our day under relaxing instructions from the board of health, as thou we are somehow immuned. Sad to see it come and devastate our region when it need not be.

  3. Posted by How and why on

    The infection of this virus has a pattern in its movement around us. We are unlikely to get infected by our mask wearing day to day interaction at 2 meters. This virus needs an opportunity bigger than that. It needs a gathering of people who stay long together and talk much as they interact unknownly as spreaders of the disease. May I add to that, some people don’t care too. If you practice the guidelines of public health and use common sense, you will be spared. Also public health in its direction, of which many understand, when combined with common sense needs to be firmer in its direction of the message. Nunavik is trying hard, but not assertive enough.

  4. Posted by Eskimo P-8197304 on

    I’m just wondering.. after people get vaccinated, I bet they will get worse as time goes by. I’m very skeptical about all this plandemic.

    • Posted by Bay disagree on

      Who really knows what a future of this virus will be? But I’m with favourable results in the vaccine program, in it’s hopefully soon arrival. A vaccine is going to be the saviour. Like vaccines before in the fight against poliomyelitis and smallpox. In the meantime follow the protocol of health authorities will keep most of us from getting infected.

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