Kuujjuaq has too many unlicenced, untrained drivers?


Hi yes, it’s me again — Pat York of Kuujjuaq.

Well, it seems that bootlegging and dope-dealing’s okay here since there has been no real change.

But let’s forget about this for, since nothing will ever change if it’s so good for us.

The main topic I’d like to bring up is our lack of licensing of anything in this region of Nunavik.

In the past four years Kuujjuaq itself has gotten approximately 40 to 60 personal vehicles a year with a big percentage of the drivers with no licenses.

If you want one in a hurry, you can get a territorial licences, with no knowledge of the rules of the road. You get the forms from the local police, fill it out, and approximately 45 days later you’ll receive it in the mail.

We have had so many accidents this summer with a few near fatalities, from passing out at the wheel to speeding, which have resulted in smashed up vehicles and smashed up bodies.

Not only has it been vehicles, but also ATVs.

We just had one two weeks ago, with a near fatality again.

For all of our local and regional politicians: it’s about time to accept the date, which is 2009. It’s not the 1980s anymore, and apply the rules of the roads as in the rest of Canada before we see a big rise in auto-related deaths in this area.

All of you politicians do have the power to do something, but it always seems to take a major catastrophe before anybody gets off their butts and does something about it.

Thank you for your time.

Im just a concerned parent and citizen of Kuujjuaq and caring for the health of the people,

Pat York

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