Lee Inuarak crosses finish line first at Nunavut Quest; race winner to be named Thursday

Winner of 500-km race will be announced during awards ceremony

Pond Inlet musher Lee Inuarak is hoisted in the air as he celebrates after finishing the 500-km Nunavut Quest in Igloolik Wednesday evening. Inuarak was the first musher out of a dozen to cross the finish line after 10 days of racing, followed by Igloolik’s Jonah Qaunaq. Inuarak, however, may not be the winner of the race. That will be announced Thursday during the awards ceremony. (Photo by Dustin Patar)

By Nunatsiaq News

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  1. Posted by Inuk poem on

    Leerapik, with true husky dogs. Winner amongst all Inuit.

    Able to travel thousands and thousands of miles. No animal is safe to be hunted by him. His aim is so precise, stable and able and double tusk big game hunter.

    Happy, stronger and stronger as his dogs are they, obeying his command as his whip is as it may.

    Find me a hunter in the world that will keep up as they may, but his true strength is only the beginning as his last finish line as it may.

    • Posted by Appreciator of The Poem on

      Poems: living experience written in words, that others can partake within the experience.
      Beautiful words craftily written into the characteristics of my brother Leerapik and I appreciate being able read this and made my day more or so pleasantly. Great poem!

      ~proud sister <3

  2. Posted by Put this out there on

    Well not really 500km because they put the dogs on a qamutik for about 150km of that. But still glad all made it safe.


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