Let’s slam the government together


My name is Louise Ducap. I am one of those “jamesians” you’ve written about in the October 22 article “Nunavik leaders slam Quebec for slow development.”

I’ve lived and worked in the North for the past 30 years. In fact, my two daughters were raised in the North. I love the North and the people who live in our region. That is why I now preside over the local council of the village of Radisson.

In reaction to your article, I will only say that there is one region in Quebec where we gain more by uniting for the better development of our communities and it’s northern Ouebec. It’s true that it is also more difficult to do so because of cultural and ethnic differences.

But this should not keep us from trying to merge our interests for creating wealth and prosperity in each and every northern community.

Who would really benefit from dividing the North? Maybe a part of the solution is bring Northern people together and slam the government together to get what we need for the economic and social development of our communities.

Louise Ducap
President, local council
Radisson, Quebec

Inuit Child First, Indigenous Services Canada
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