Making pitsik on the Ungava coast

Malaya Qaunirq Chapman took this photo of Arctic char drying on a rack at Tunulik, 140 kilometres east of Kuujjuaq on the Ungava coast on July 12, during a gathering of the Snowball family and friends at their traditional family camp. “Tunulik used to be a busy fishing camp where people from around the world would visit and experience the amazing fishing right on the falls and Ungava coast,” Chapman writes. “I, along with my partner Etua, friends and family were fortunate to experience this special place to catch Arctic char and process our catch to make pitsik—a process where fish is filleted and cut into strips with the skin on for a delicious treat. To get to Tunulik, we took Etua’s aluminum boat and went east for three hours on the Ungava coast. It’s an experience we will cherish until the next time.” (Photo by Malaya Qaunirq Chapman)

By Nunatsiaq News

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