Makivik doles out federal pandemic funding

Nunavik communities to receive $500,000 plus top-up based on number of beneficiaries

Makivik’s office in Kuujjuaq. Starting Monday, the Nunavik Inuit birthright organization said it would fly flags at half-mast. (File photo)

By Nunatsiaq News

Updated on May 4 at 10:05 a.m.

Makivik Corp. has now received its allocation of the federal Indigenous Community Support Fund, which is intended to help Indigenous communities respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, and will dole out a portion to each Nunavik community, as well Nunavik’s school board and urban Inuit living in Montreal.

The federal government announced the funding on March 25, with $45 million going to assist communities across Inuit Nunangat. That funding was distributed through Inuit Tapiirit Kanatami and its board members, the four Inuit land claim organizations.

Makivik was given $11.25 million for Nunavik, and the beneficiary organization did not mince its words about the pace of distribution by the federal government after its funding was paid out only on April 27.

“It has taken well over a month for us to receive these funds during a time of extreme stress and anxiety for the Inuit of Nunavik,” said Makivik President Charlie Watt in an April 28 news release.

“During this time we have received many urgent letters and requests from Inuit in the communities.”

He added that though the funding is not enough, particularly if a second wave of the virus breaks out in Nunavik, the organization has developed a plan for spreading the funds among beneficiaries.

Each of Nunavik’s 14 communities, as well as the Inuit of Chisasibi, will receive $50,000 plus a top-up based on the number of Inuit beneficiaries. This breaks down to:

Chisasibi: $107,509

Kuujjuaraapik: $505,651

Umiujaq: $367,249

Inukjuak: $1,233,680

Puvirnituq: $1,229,888

Akulivik: $492,379

Ivujivik: $328,699

Salluit: $1,073,792

Kangirsujjuaq: $556,840

Quaqtaq: $329,331

Kangirsuk: $434,238

Aupaluk: $186,506

Tasiujaq: $273,086

Kuujjuaq: $1,466,245

Kangiqsualujjuaq: $664,907

This funding will be provided directly to the Northern Villages to help meet the needs of the communities at this time, rather than being distributed to individuals. In total, this makes up $9.25 million of Makivik’s community support funding.

In addition, $1.5 million will be distributed equally to Kativik Ilisarniliriniq, urban Inuit in Montreal and Makivik. Each will receive $500,000.”

The remaining $500,000 will be held back to ensure there is some funding available in the coming months should any unforeseen circumstances arise where Northern Villages need additional support.

Correction: An error introduced during editing incorrectly suggested that Kativik Ilisarniliriniq represents urban Inuit in Montreal, when, of course, KI is the Nunavik school board.

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  1. Posted by rebecca veevee on

    I think that Makivik has taken a very wise and fair approach to this issue.

    The money goes to the Northern Villages who should be held accountable for the way they will spend it. However it should be mandatory that they spend it for specific expenses related to this situation like overtime for essential services, special aid to the homebound elders and such initiatives.

    If this is not done that way, the money will go to shore up holes in the budgets related to previous mismanagement and pet projects that have nothing to do with this situation.
    And if there is not enough needs to spend it for these specific issues , Well great !!!!
    Don`t kid yourself there will probably be a second wavre and money in the bank does not go away. That will be a nice problem to deal with!!

  2. Posted by thank-you on

    Thank-you Makivik, we are seeing the benefit of that Money already, I thank the Whole Makivik organization for always taking care of Nunavik People.

  3. Posted by thank-you on

    Rise and shine Nunavik, time to take advantage of this funding.

  4. Posted by Federal $$ on

    This is Federal Pandemic Money.
    It is not Makivik money. Can Charlie Watt say what Makivik has done for its people?
    Makivik is a hundred million dollar organization. Charlie said the funding is not enough, why not open the beneficiary wallet and disperse some money back where it belongs.
    Can we get a straightforward answer please?

    • Posted by INUK on

      Cause, it s not election time

  5. Posted by Help on

    Help us get our beer and wine please. That’s our priority right now. We need our fix. People are drinking homebrew, and one has died. Please stop the line ups at co-op store, please. Help your people Charlie watt help.

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