Makivik muscles in on local business?


I am writing about a recent project by Makivik Corporation in which they have taken advantage of a tried and proven business venture in our community, Kuujjuaq.

First of all, I would like to address this letter to the board of directors of the corporation and ask if they inquired into any possible conflicts that may arise from their latest venture.

What I am referring to is the drilling of water wells by an outside drilling company hired by Makivik to work on marine infrastructure.

I, along with three other beneficiaries, invested more than $27,000 in a well-drilling rig. We have successfully found water on seven sites in town.

This past summer, I phoned Eileen Studi Klinkiig of the Makivik marine project and voiced my concern about having a non-beneficiary company, with the blessing of Makivik, come into my community and take advantage of an opportunity that I created.

I thought it was part of Makivik’s mandate to support local business and not use our money to compete against us. If this is not the case, why not get into the cable TV business or become a 100 per cent owner of a small charter airline service and get all the profit from the region?

It is my understanding that Makivik is also not to use the funds of the corporation to benefit any single beneficiary. I would like to ask if the same well program would be available to the other 13 communities.

I am happy to say that Johnny Peters used our drill rig to do his own well. I am sure he was quite satisfied with our service and I can’t for the life of me understand why Pita Aatami would give the nod to such an endeavor.

I am now stuck with a very expensive piece of machinery that probably will never be used, since Makivik is still collecting funds for more wells next year.

If they would like to get into the well business, I would be more than happy to sell them my rig and maybe invest in a sewage treatment facility, as it seems everywhere you look up north you have to deal with bullshit.

Harvey Mesher

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