Man ordered to bring future wives to court


Kyle Douglas Amegainek, 20, was sentenced to 18 months in jail after pleading guilty to assault with a weapon.

Amegainek viciously beat a woman with a broom handle, belt buckle and his fists on Jan. 13. The woman suffered extensive blunt force bruising and abrasions to her head, face, chest, arms and legs.

“You’re lucky it wasn’t worse,” Justice Robert Kilpatrick told Amegainek.

The assault came a week after Amegainek was released from jail for assaulting the same woman.

After reviewing Amegainek’s 23 previous convictions, including eight assault charges against girlfriends, Kilpatrick added a condition to Amegainek’s two-year probation order.

He cannot marry or live with a woman until she is brought before a judge and told of his criminal record. Breaching the order is a criminal offence.

“Time has run out. You must change and you must change for the better,” Kilpatrick said.

The order is the first of its kind in Nunavut, according to Nunavut Court of Justice records.

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