Man with brain tumour never assessed


A neurological assessment holds the key to the behaviour of a Kimmirut man with a brain tumour who is facing assault charges.

The man, who admits assaulting two people, may not be criminally responsible for his actions because of the brain tumour.

Soudloo Josephie, 30, hit his wife and a co-op manager on two separate occasions in 2001. In both cases, he lashed out after little or no provocation from the complainants, the court heard.

After his arrest, Josephie was diagnosed with a brain tumour. He underwent surgery and chemotherapy.

The tumour came to the court’s attention this past Tuesday, when Josephie entered guilty pleas to the two-year-old assault charges.

However, Justice Robert Kilpatrick refused to sentence the man until a neurological assessment is performed.

“I’m concerned his tumour may have affected his behavior. Surely we should be doing something about his [medical] condition,” Kilpatrick said.

When asked why an assessment wasn’t ordered sooner, Greg Nearing said Josephie had already entered guilty pleas – a move that superseded ordering tests.

The assessment will determine if Josephie is criminally responsible for his actions.

The matter was to return to court July 17.

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