Manitoba road study begins


An engineering firm is exploring three potential routes for a proposed road between Manitoba and the Kivalliq communites.

The Kivalliq Inuit Association announced last week that SNC Lavalin will be meeting with communities in the region over the next two years to hear their concerns about having road access to the south.

The firm’s steering committee will look at the costs as well as the social and environmental effects of building a temporary winter road.

Eventually, the road would be expanded to two lanes, open all year round.

Preliminary designs show the road running south from Rankin Inlet, along the Hudson Bay coast, and forking in three possible directions towards communities in northern Manitoba.

KIA expects the study to take about two years to complete. The research builds on numerous reports in the past, spawned by an agreement signed between the Manitoba and Nunavut governments in 2001.

Funding for the $1 million research contract comes from the two governments, Transport Canada, and federal programs managed locally by KIA.

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