Marijuana destroys Inuit culture?


It took only 25 years to eliminate our Inuit heritage because of marijuana. We are losing our tradition very fast because of marijuana.

People tend to praise marijuana as a herbal medicine. That may be so, but it certainly has eliminated the heritage we had as Inuit. We had a very strong tradition where parents taught about living in a land and where mothers taught children how to make traditional clothing.

All these are gone now because we are only facing our electric stoves to smoke our dope. I have abused this for a long time and I have gone nowhere because of it.

The whole damn north is addicted to marijuana. I can say 90 per cent of the north is stoned 24 hours a day. People have to realize that dope is no help at all to any nation, nor anyone else except those who supply the dope to the North.

We spend $40 to $60 a baggy for it, but we still don’t give a damn because we enjoy it. Our politicians have to realize that the North is totally addicted to dope.

Please do not legalize marijuana in Canada, for the sake of our next generation, despite already losing 95 per cent of our heritage.

ITK Job Opportunties, Senior Policy Advisor, MMIWG

Name withheld by request

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