McCallum wins by landslide in Cambridge Bay

Four other communities also elect new mayors


Former hamlet councillor Terry McCallum won a landslide victory against his two opponents this past Monday in the race to elect a new mayor for Cambridge Bay.

McCallum said the outcome was a sign that the community believed he would provide “good, sound leadership” in the next two years.

McCallum, a 50-year-old civil servant for the territorial department of public works, came away from the polls with 252 votes. Bobby Aknavigak, McCallum’s closest competitor, garnered 48 votes, and Bobby’s sister-in-law Vivienne Aknavigak picked up 29 votes.

All available council seats were acclaimed.

McCallum said he will wait until January when he can meet with council to set an agenda for his coming two-year term. However, he says he’ll stick with his campaign promise to make youth a priority.

“Youth are vital to our communities,” he said. “They are vital to having a good strong community in the future.”

McCallum hoped to work on projects such encouraging youth to stay in school, and working with the district education authority and schools on areas where the hamlet can help out.

One area might be helping hire a counsellor for the high school, McCallum said.

“Right now in the high school, we don’t have a school counsellor,” McCallum said. “The teachers are too busy to put on that hat. We want to support the school as much as we can.”

McCallum replaces Keith Peterson, who has announced that he will run for Cambridge Bay’s seat in the legislative assembly.

Susan Salluviniq was elected mayor of Resolute Bay with 45 votes. George Eckalook came in second with 23 votes, and Saroomee Manik took seven votes.

Stanley Adjuk is the new mayor of Whale Cove, after winning 35 votes. Jack Angoo received 27 votes, Solomon Voisey received 18 votes, and Louis Oklaga received six.

In Clyde River, Igah Hainnu was elected mayor with 94 votes. Leah Taussugat received 65 votes.

The new mayor of Arctic Bay is Niore Iqalukjuak, who won with 76 votes. Rodney Reid came in second with 38 votes. Olayuk Naqitarvik received 35 votes, Dwight Tilley received 23 and Kalluk Ettuk received 10.

The mayors of Coral Harbour and Grise Fiord were returned automatically for another term because their candidacies were uncontested.

In the remaining 18 communities, the mayor’s term is not up yet.

In Gjoa Haven, the election for four hamlet councillors was postponed after a young hunter was found dead on Sunday. Charlie Qirqqut had been missing for about five days before he was found frozen on the tundra. The election will be held Dec. 15.

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