Michel Petit was a tireless worker


We would like to bid farewell to Mr. Michel Petit, the director of social services in Cape Dorset, his lovely wife, Michelle, and their children, Jake and Tony.

Mr. Petit has tirelessly given his time to our community, and has worked harder than any director that we have come across. He will be missed.

We only hope that we may have learned a little bit of what seems to come naturally for him, to be kind and courteous, even in unforgiving situations or under fire.

We hope for you and your family all success, wealth and health, because you deserve it. And we hope the polar bears in Churchill respect you too.

From: R. Qavavau, N. Teevee, U. Samayualie, M. Oshoweetok, A. Aningmiuq, S. Suvega, and all the casual staff.
The Staff of Social Services
Cape Dorset

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