Missing Inuk man in Montreal located

“He had never wandered off before”

Lucassie Kakkinerk, in the middle, went missing in Montreal on Monday night but was located safely late on Friday morning. (Handout photo)

By Courtney Edgar

An Inuk man, originally from Quaqtaq, who went missing on Monday night in Montreal, was located on Friday, when he returned to the Open Door shelter.

“Everyone was really ecstatic and hugging him,” said John Tessier, an intervention worker at the Montreal shelter on Parc Ave.

Lucassie Kakkinerk, 50, had left his sleeping area on Monday night and the friend who had been with him, Thomas Hainnu, got worried.

For all of the next day, Hainnu carried around Kakkinerk’s bag that had been left behind, while other friends at the shelter and Kakkinerk’s sister looked for the missing man.

Out of character wandering off

On Thursday, the workers at the Open Door filed a police report, wanting to allow him some time in case Kakkinerk had just wandered off.

But they were worried all week.

“He had never gone missing before, he had never wandered off before,” said Tessier.

“For him, it was very out of character.”

As the days passed without a sign of the man, the workers at the shelter called all the jails and hospitals in an attempt to find him.

In the end, when Kakkinerk returned to the shelter late Friday morning, he said he had just been with a friend, Tessier said.

More Inuit going missing lately?

For police to officially close the missing persons report, the SPVM needs to meet with Kakkinerk and ask him questions about what happened. But as of Friday afternoon, Tessier said Kakkinerk has not been at the shelter at the same time the police have.

Kakkinerk’s sister still hasn’t heard the news because she has also not been to the shelter since he was located.

When asked if Tessier thinks more Inuit on the streets of Montreal are going missing lately, he said this has been the case since as long as he’s been doing this work.

“There’s always been people disappearing,” said Tessier.

He just thinks the cases of homeless people and Montreal Inuit going missing are more likely to get public attention these days because police and media are covering the topic more frequently and thoroughly.

Tessier says he is just glad Kakkinerk was found.

“It’s nice when there is a good ending,” said Tessier.

“Very often there is not a good ending.”



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