MLAs shouldn’t neglect hard issues


The MLA for Rankin Inlet North, Jack Anawak, said his fellow MLAs need to pay more attention to the prevalence of violence, sexual abuse and incest in Nunavut.

“Perhaps the reason why the abusers become abusive is the vicious cycle and the drugs that are used to hide their true feelings. I think it is time that we work harder to eradicate these kinds of abuses like violence, abuse, sexual abuse and incest,” Anawak said.

Anawak said there’s little open discussion on these issues.

“Perhaps, they are too close to the heart…. I believe that all of the public members of Nunavut have to work harder to eradicate these kinds of abuses,” Anawak said. “I think we are not including that Inuit thinking…. It seems like when we hear about murder, we do not seem to be surprised about those incidents.”

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