More Nunavummiut allowed to bypass southern isolation hubs starting next week

Unvaccinated dependents can now complete their 14-day isolation in territory

The territory’s chief public health officer announced Friday that unvaccinated dependents can isolate inside Nunavut. (Graphic by Martin Sanchez on Unsplash)

By Nunatsiaq News

Unvaccinated dependents entering Nunavut with their vaccinated parents or guardians will be allowed to complete their 14-day isolation in Nunavut as of Monday, the territorial government has announced.

“With no current outbreaks in Nunavut and vaccination rates increasing, it’s time to further adjust isolation restrictions,” stated Nunavut’s chief public health officer, Dr. Michael Patterson, in a news release.

Upon arrival, vaccinated adults or guardians will not have to isolate, although it will be required for anybody else in the household who is unvaccinated.

Parents and guardians are responsible for their children’s isolation.

“Households in isolation are not to have visitors, and those isolating cannot go visiting unless it is an emergency,” states the release.

There will be no public health clearance required at the end of isolation, although those found to have broken isolation rules could face a $575 fine.

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(11) Comments:

  1. Posted by WTF’er on

    This announcement should have been made well over a month ago. It is useless in its current form as parents are currently unable to move their return flight earlier due to no availability. They are forced to either complete the isolation in Ottawa or return the date they hadtheir flights currently booked on but then the kids will miss the two first week of school.

    Nothing to see here, typical GN mis-management.

    • Posted by Sad comment honestly on

      It just goes to show, no matter what the government does there will always be something negative to see in it, if that’s what you want to see.

    • Posted by enough on

      Just stop. Enough. So sick of the whining and people labelling public safety measures as “jails”. The progression and regression of the global pandemic does not revolve around you and your summer vacation. Public health was doing it’s job. You got what you wanted, now please shut up.

    • Posted by S on

      Thanks WTFer. Though it is an excellent move by GN to remove restrictions, this move is months overdue.

    • Posted by You took the Risk on

      WTF’er you took the risk of leaving on vacation when the isolation was required. This is your problem not the GNs. I will also remind you that non-essential travel is still not recommended due to the risk of carrying Covid-19 back even though people are vaccinated. You took the risk don’t look for pity.

  2. Posted by What about the unvaccinated adults? on

    Are we still going to house (and pay for) unvaccinated Nunavummiut in 2 week isolation hotels when they should have gotten the darn jab like the rest of us responsible adults? Nunavut has the lowest vaccination rate in Canada and really no incentive to get vaccinated for many. Give $100 checque to unvaxxed Nunavummiut and watch vaccination rate go up to nearly 100%

    • Posted by WTF’er on

      No, getting the jab is a **privilege** and shouldn’tt be attached to any extra incentive. If you’re stupid enough not go get it, fine. Live with the consequences. I’ve done my part, enough is enough.

      • Posted by enough on

        No, it is not a privilege. It is a right for Canadians. And that you only care about your rights and freedoms and vacation, etc and have little concern for your neighbors speaks volumes about you. I care if others get the vaccine because I care about them, and I care about the damage that their decision not to get vaccinated may do to others. I care about why they are hesitant to get the vaccine. It has been demonstrated that genuinely listening to and addressing peoples’ concerns and reasons for their hesitancy Can drastically increase their willingness to get the jab. I care about people feeling weird about it because of how the healthcare system has treated them in the past, or other reasons that seem very real to them and cause them genuine fear and worry. Not everyone is like you, and different people need different things. I do not think giving $100 is a solution, but it’s not as simple as “if you’re stupid enough not to get it, fine. Live with the consequences. I’ve done my part.” I would rather not live like that. I would rather be a part of a community.

  3. Posted by Wondering on

    Just wondering this just happen on Friday how long do we have to wait for approval. How about someone going to isolation on Monday . Is someone for the government working on weekend . I’d there a phone number to call and will someone answer . Thanks that is what I need to know .do we go into isolation to wait

  4. Posted by Ian on

    95 percent of new cases are unvaccinated and people between 18-39 good luck 4th wave coming your way

    • Posted by tukisinaq on

      Is there a public communication campaign via radio programs and or tv in Inuktitut that are in plain language including non-govermentese so that those who are ‘fearful’ consider getting the vaccination? This means through, Tausunni in the afternoons, Tuttavik in Nunavik, Kivalliq show, morning and noon shows, Igalaaq in a meaningful dialogue rather than rushed through resulting in superficial and general information that is useless and vague. The Facebook platform doesn’t reach them. If not, the GN’s Health dept is out of touch with Nunavummiut.

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