Mormons denied access to schools



e Iqaluit District Education Authority denied a request by two missionaries to provide an introduction to the Book of Mormon to kids in school.

IDEA member Katherine Trumper said that there was little discussion of the topic during the group’s Oct. 18 meeting, but reported that the opinions of the IDEA members “ranged from a definite ‘no’ to others who felt less strident about it but also voted ‘no.'”

The IDEA consulted the Northwest Territories Education Act for advice, and found that Section 77 (2) of the Act says that “a district education authority may, in accordance with the directions of the Minister, provide for instruction and discussion in spiritual values or beliefs in a manner that is respectful of the spiritual values or beliefs of all the students.”

“Because of that, and because we don’t have a religious studies program, we turned down the request from the Mormons to do an individual presentation,” Trumper said.

At the meeting, Inuksuk High School principal Terry Gray pointed out that there is an appetite and an interest by high school students to debate issues, but that the issue should be looked at in context.

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