Morning standoff in Iqaluit resolved peacefully, RCMP say

Area around 200 block now clear

A standoff that unfolded earlier this morning in the 200 block area of Iqaluit is now over, the RCMP said in a news release. (Photo by Emma Tranter)

By Nunatsiaq News

A standoff in the 200 block of Iqaluit has been resolved peacefully and one man is in custody, the Nunavut RCMP said in a news release issued just before 10 a.m.

In an earlier news release issued at 6:30 this morning, the Iqaluit RCMP said its members were dealing with “a dynamic situation that is quickly unfolding in the 200 block of the city.”

The 230-240 block of Iqaluit was closed off by RCMP vehicles, and the public were told to stay away from the area. The area is now clear.

The Nunavut RCMP’s critical incident team was “activated shortly after receiving a report of a developing situation at a residence with a possible armed suspect,” the release said.

“The V Division Crisis Negotiators worked swiftly and quickly in de-escalating the situation and successfully resolved the situation, resulting in the suspect surrendering to police without incident,” the release said.

Criminal charges are expected and more updates will be provided later today, the RCMP said.

“We are thankful for the peaceful resolution in this situation. The rapid response of the Iqaluit RCMP was instrumental in preventing any potential harm to the community,” Cpl. Jamie Savikataaq said in the release.

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(8) Comments:

  1. Posted by Kudos RCMP on

    Well despite a bunch of anti police nonsense here we again see Rcmp resolve a situation without killing someone. How many is that this year?
    I wonder if NTI offered to send in anyone to discuss cultural issues with the offender?

    • Posted by Right on! on

      The RCMP should be embracing body cameras then people will see what they deal with on a daily basis and when something does happen it will show the actions of the suspect before action is taken.

      youtube is filled with body cam footage that shows police giving many commands to suspects to drop their weapons before the police discharge their own weapons

  2. Posted by Standing Down on

    Why do people need to stand-off to resolve any issues they may have? They actually cause more problems. Resort to causing near harm to public and self, this is a stupid senseless act. Talk to professionals, voluntarily give up your rifles until you’re mentally stable, take care of that addiction or relationship. I see this going one way—> endless, senseless stand-offs, so stupid unless you take care of what needs to be addressed sober or learn to think rationally. Maybe PAL should include, ‘Are you a responsible enough to own a rifle? Do you have past or present mental problems?’ PAL needs to be more stringent with people on firearm applications. Underlying issue is addiction caused by relationship or past unresolved matter. Deal with it before you apply for PAL. Rifle-toting is not the way to resolve any issues, a rifle is for hunting or weapon of war, not to threaten people to get what you want–my rant on Stand-offs!

    • Posted by short raven on

      So many stand-offs, so few involve people being shot.
      These are cries for help, not attempts at violence. The standoff is to get attention, because no other way seems to have any affect.
      If more money were put into providing services so situtions would not seem so hopeless, so desperate, there would be fewer stand-offs.
      That’s what “de-fund the police” means. Spend money to prevent problems, rather than spend it trying to clean up the mess that resulted from the neglect. In time it will actually cost less, once living conditions have improved.

      • Posted by BS on

        No, “Defund the police” means exactly what it means. If the people chanting defund really meant “reform the police”, then they would chant that instead. I’m tired of seeing reasonable left-leaning citizens who want reform side with the reactionary “burn it all down” left just because they have the spotlight and momentum. Why can’t the majority have sensible discussion on the issue without acknowledging the extremists who’ve hikacked the conversation?

        And I’m all in favour of what you said regarding more social services in the RCMP. I just don’t think we need to do mental gymnastics in order to justify the things the megaphone holders are saying.

  3. Posted by Kendra on

    Was this alcohol related?

  4. Posted by nunavummiut on

    Young Inuit men are not OK!! Help is needed. Where do they get help? Education is needed. Education on what drugs and alcohol will do to a young person is needed. We have too many schizophrenics now due to drug use in young people.

    Our people are not OK. How can we get to the root of all of these issues? Alcoholism. Drug addiction. Homelessness. Poverty. Oppression. Lateral Violence. Violence against women. Domestic abuse. Elder abuse. Child abuse. Sexual abuse. Suicide ideation. You name it, we have all gone through one or the other at some point in our lives. How do we stop this cycle of young men being violent and scaring their families? It has to stop!!!!

    • Posted by Tom on

      young men have been left behind, they feel alone and have no support. The suicide rates in Nunavut most of them are men. Majority of the suicide are men.
      Where are the groups and organizations to help them? Where is the government programs?
      We always see groups set up for women, yes they are needed and I am not against it, but we need them for men too. The MMIWG is a great start but it should of been for both woman and men, many men have been killed and gone missing too. In fact more men are killed.
      When you have organizations set up for just one group of people it will not help to improve things as a whole.
      We will continue to see these calls for help, we will continue to see young men kill themselves.
      How can we help our young men?

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