Most Nunavummiut support homosexuals


The gay and lesbian debacle in Nunavut continues as Tagak Curley decides to “save Nunavummiut” from this horrible, disgusting, democratic, tolerant, and “un-Inuk” piece of legislation, the Human Rights Act.

Cathy Towtongie, the president of our land claims organization, has stuck her nose in it too, claiming homosexuals are somehow lower than us, that we have an obligation to discriminate against them for reasons unknown.

God is a tolerant and forgiving essence, at least that’s my understanding of him, and rigid church lines are no guidelines for running a territory.

One of the MLAs claimed that there are few homosexuals in his community, and he doesn’t care if they vote for him or not.

Unbelievably, this ruckus hasn’t set off the alarms in Nunavut that it should have. I hear about it, yet only to a degree reserved for ‘faux-pas’ or slips-of-the-tongue.

I hope Nunavummiut can realize the bigotry, hatred, discrimination, and political expediency that takes place in our territory. Nunavut is just beginning as a territory and the GN has the opportunity to make it a politically righteous territory. Instead, the Legislative Assembly sees politics played out that even southern governments would cringe at.

To any homosexuals who may read this: don’t worry about it. A majority of Nunavummiut don’t see you as any different from the rest of us, just the few who can hate their way into office or those who hate out of ignorance or for re-election.

(Name withheld by request)

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