Municipality of Iqaluit blows all its projects


I am now living in Calgary after living in the North for much of the past 10 years and a good friend of Rick Bradley.

I found your article truthful on both sides of the story.

The problem in which the town is involved with is not just a northern one. Calgary is facing the same problems with development costs, as is the town of Cochrane, Alberta. The solution is to offer to the developer the requirement to have them build the roads, and if required, extend the utilidor system.

The contractors are the ones making money from developments and this should factor into the bottom line.

Having one government body charge another for the benefit of the private sector does not encourage developement.

Jonah Kelly, an Order of Canada recipient, is also in the same mess as Rick? The council problem will remain so long as there are paid honorariums for those who clearly serve themselves.

Hire an outside contractor to monitor those projects, someone to oversee the work. The town has blown every project it has ever done.

The garage in Cape Dorset is bigger and run more efficiently than the garage/dump in Iqaluit and the Iqaluit services are outsourced because of narrow thinking against the union and its last strike. The solution is a complete purge of all the deadweight.

John Bray

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