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A letter to Jacques Chirac

Jacques Chirac
President of France
Paris, France

Dear Mr. Chirac:

According to media reports, Lucien Bouchard, the premier of the province of Quebec, has visited you in Paris seeking your support for Quebec independence. According to those same reports, you have repeated your thinly veiled support for Mr. Bouchard’s separatist project. I can only assume that you support separatism in Quebec because of your lack of knowledge of the situation. Let me attempt to fill you in.

Many generations ago, the ancestors of the French-speaking people in Quebec came to settle in the ancestral homeland of the Allait (Indian tribes to you) and the Inuit. Without the knowledge, participation, and agreement of the first peoples, these immigrants from your country created the province of Quebec and were partners with the English in creating the nation of Canada.

Basically, they stole our lands to create these entities. This act of colonialism and what was to follow is something we are just starting to recover from.

Hundreds of years later, the descedants of some of these immigrants want to do the same thing all over again. They want to steal our homelands a second time and create yet another country.

When the first peoples of this country are finally starting to get back on their feet and are beginning to feel comfortable about being the citizens of Canada, the separatists want to repeat the mistakes of the past. No, we say.

It would also help you to know how Quebec came to have the borders it has today. Pay particular attention to the boundary extension acts that enlarged Quebec from the small strip of land along the St. Lawrence it started with in 1867.

You have also stated that you would support Quebec independence only if it is done democratically. Please be reminded that the population of Quebec have voted twice to reject separation from Canada. It is the separatists who have ignored the expressed will of the people and have said that they will keep on having referendums until they win. Jacques (The Joker) Parizeau has compared it to a never ending visit to the dentist.

You should also be careful to know who you are supporting and what they stand for. I hope you have a video copy of Mr. Parizeau’s famous speech after the last referendum and a copy of his latest book, which revealed some very undemocratic things he was prepared to do if he had won the referendum. Mr. Lucien (BlocHead) Bouchard is smarter, but he is basically no different from Mr. Parizeau.

If you really want to understand the big picture, you should come and watch the next referendum. You should also spend a few hours with my cousin Zebedee Nungak. I am sure he could clarify anything you still do not understand.

I also want to remind you that tens of thousands of young Canadians sacrificed their lives in the 1940s to liberate your country from the Nazi. We would be prepared to do it again if France came under a similar threat. I hope you will remember that the next time something in sheep’s clothing comes to visit you.

If you would like to have a little chat with me about all this, why don’t you come over to Nunavut next April and we can talk about this while we watch the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Sincerely yours,

John Amagoalik
My Little Corner of Canada
Nunatsiaq News
Iqaluit, Nunavut

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