My Little Corner of Canada



Banks of grey
Rolling in from the horizon,
Screams of red and yellow
From the nearby hills,
The sea is dark
And chilling to the bone.
The fish has gone upstream
The bull is fat.
Berries are bursting with juice.
Far off hills are covered
With an early blanket of white.
The grey in Okalik’s coat is almost gone.

The summer’s crop of young geese
Have headed south.
The young buntings will stick around for a while.
The Raven is fat
And ready for winter.

The kids are back in school
The streets seem almost bare.
The stores are decorating for Halloween
Almost two months from now.
When they put away the pumpkin
A Christmas tree will appear.
Somewhere, there are bombings
Somewhere, there are slaves
Somewhere, there is hatred and anguish
Somewhere, there is hunger and drought.
Here, five weeks from now
There will be Hockey Night in Canada
Thank God for our peace.

“I only say of her that in a dark time she is a burning and shining light; in a cruel time, a living embodiment of Christ’s gospel of love; in a godless time, the Word Dwelling among us, full of grace and truth,”

Malcolm Muggeridge on Mother Teresa

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