Nakasuk playground is dangerous and filthy


Every morning around 5 a.m. I go to the Nakasuk playground for a workout and what do I see? The same old thing: rocks at the bottom of the slide and under the monkey bars, the swings tangled up or broken beyond repair, and once in a while, some drunk or stoned-out wacko urinating on playground equipment, or leaving feces lying around.

I am saying that this is disgusting, as if the bullies that go there to bother kids or the dogs running loose are not bad enough, but how about taking down old equipment and building new playgrounds like they did in Happy Valley and by Northmart?

The Nakasuk playground is in sad shape. So is the one in White Row. That one is dangerous — the slide has a very sharp piece of metal that comes up at the bottom. There is a steel pole held in place by cement that is not only exposed but also has very sharp corners. A child running could fall and split his head open and maybe be killed in there. There is still that same rock under the swing set that I have talked about for the last few years just waiting for some poor kid to smash her head or break her arms.

Nakasuk School’s playground, if my guess is right, has been there since the school was built. I fear that one day, if not this summer, someone is going to grab onto the pole by the tunnel slides and the pole will come loose and fall on top of the kid. That pole is in the worst shape of all three, but my complaint goes for all the poles in that playground.

The rocks belong up on the hills. Let’s have a cleaning crew move the rocks next year, as they pose a great danger to the kids and other members of the public who might enjoy the place. The swings in the playgrounds by Northmart, and down by the beach Grind and Brew are dangerous, as kids who like to vandalize the playgrounds now climb up even higher to tangle them up.

I fear that a kid is going to fall and get injured or killed or get tangled in the chains and hang to death. I have tried to talk to members of the council at different times about this but to no avail.


Editor’s note: The Iqaluit resident known as “Polarman” did not want to sign his real name.

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