Nattaq committed to trial


Simon Nattaq, 57, was committed this week to stand trial for a sexual assault alleged to have occurred in February 2001.

After hearing from the complainant and ordering the trial, Justice Robert Kilpatrick questioned why the charge was proceeding by indictment rather than summary conviction. Summary offences carry a lesser penalty.

Defence lawyer Greg Nearing said he wanted the option of a jury trial, which is only an option with indictable offences.

“He’s a high-profile man whose name is being dragged through the mud,” Nearing told the court.

Nattaq resigned from city council on Aug. 13, 2002, after two terms on council.

Crown lawyer Michael Jones agreed to proceeding by summary conviction. However, because the charge was laid six months after the alleged incident, the accused is allowed to decide how the matter will proceed.

Nattaq’s next scheduled court date is Dec. 5.

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