New COVID-19 case confirmed in Nunavik

Resident of Kuujjuaraapik tested positive on Dec. 31

Nunavik health officials confirmed a new case of COVID-19 in Kuujjuaraapik on Thursday. (File photo)

By Nunatsiaq News

Nunavik health officials confirmed a new case of COVID-19 in Kuujjuaraapik on Thursday.

In a Dec. 31 release, the Nunavik Regional Board of Health and Social Services said that the case was detected though the regular testing of travellers and that the individual was “likely” infected while visiting the south.

Public Health has identified people who may have come in contact with the individual, to ensure they are tested, the regional health board said.

This latest case is unrelated to a recent investigation in the neighbouring Cree community of Whapmagoostui, where local health authorities had tested a resident for a suspected case of COVID-19 Dec. 29. That individual tested negative for the virus.

There are currently no other active cases of COVID-19 in Nunavik.

Nunavimmiut who are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, such as fever, cough, difficulty breathing, or loss of taste and small, should contact the COVID health line 1-888-662-7482 or call their local health centre.

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(7) Comments:

  1. Posted by So who is in control? on

    It is uncomfortable bumping into or being around people who are not following the quarantine orders. They go around to public places with no care and concern for others. And they take it personally when someone speaks up.

    Police don’t know how to handle it when someone makes a report and the CLSC’s response is they have no power or any authority.

    Either the people who have to be under quarantine are playing dumb or they really are dumb.

    It is no help trying to report to the email address provided by NRBHSS because you never get a response, at least acknowledgement of your email would help. It’s like writing to the space up yonder.

    There won’t be any surprise if one of these days if it spreads like wild fire.

    • Posted by Nunavik Wake up on

      For anyone concerned, just stop , or don’t even stop, just open your eyes to see that many people in Nunavik are not following the rules. Take kuujjuaq, handshake has returned in concerning numbers during Christmas and happy new year wishes. Most people are complying, but a significant number has no regard for the rules. Mask wearing has slipped away too, in the outdoor gatherings. And there were many during the games. There a concerning weak link. The authorities should have a monitoring plan, to see the reality of what’s happening.

      • Posted by Shake a shake on

        What’s with the need to shake the hand? Bow instead. Even substitute for the handshake has been hitting elbows together. The need to touch. Don’t touch, don’t. Keep your distances. The drunks, are not the worse, but they sure look pathetic in trying to touch, shake a shake. People really have a need to just bother those around them. It’s simple, don’t shake hands , don’t touch. Drunks stay home, stop roaming. Wearing your mask in public be good too. The need to gather, in the herd, stop it. You’ll be ok without it. Take this covid-19 seriously. Yes the authorities are just standing by, telling people to report the rule breakers, then what?

  2. Posted by Mishdijahshuu on

    Why are these people allowed to fly? Only way the virus will come in is on Air Inuit. Can you not halt the flights for 14 days? Test them, u to the results come in, then you can send them up. STOP flying in the damn thing

  3. Posted by pete on

    All people who fly north must have permission from the health board and have a negative test result before they get on the plane. Further you are asked at check in if you are experiencing symptoms if your are, you are denied boarding the plane. The problem might be that the time between the test and a negative result one may contact covid because they did not isolate at their hotel . The symptoms may show up in 5-7 days after ones arrival in their village when they have their second test which is positive. Did the person self isolate upon return for the 14 days, that is the question. So folks we have rules, we may not like them although following them may save your life and the lives of others in our villages. Its pretty simple.

  4. Posted by Fly by day, spread by night on

    Yes the virus needs a seat on the flight, no distance needed. It’s going to be interesting how the health authorities in Nunavik will determine who is to get the vaccine as a priority. That would mean having a data bank of the most vulnerable. Apart from selecting elders and health care workers, I’m not confident in their tally of who gets it first. The system we have in Nunavik for appointments are ridiculously administrated. Peoples appointments get mixed up often, and liaison often don’t know what they’re doing. Can’t imagine them figuring out priority list of the vulnerable. Just watch.

  5. Posted by Jenny on

    There’s only 14000 ppl in Nunavik, it won’t be hard to vaccinate everyone who wants it.

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