Health officials in Nunavik say there are now six cases of COVID-19 confirmed at Ullivik, a Montreal residence that hosts medical travellers from the region. (File photo)

New COVID-19 cases linked to Nunavik patient residence in Montreal

Five new out-of-region cases confirmed Jan. 13

By Nunatsiaq News

Nunavik health officials in say five residents have tested positive for COVID-19 outside of the region.

Some of the cases were confirmed at Ullivik, Nunavik’s patient residence in Montreal, the Nunavik Regional Board of Health and Social Services said on Wednesday, Jan. 13.

Montreal Public Health is investigating the new cases, the health board said. All patients and staff at Ullivik will be screened for the virus over the next few days.

For the time being, the health board said that only residents in need of urgent medical care will be permitted to travel south, until the investigation at Ullivik is complete.

Of the five new cases, there is no confirmed link with anybody currently in Nunavik.

The health board is asking anyone who travelled from Ullivik to Nunavik since Jan. 11 to take extra care, to follow quarantine measures and to contact their local health care centre if they notice any symptoms of COVID-19.

Nunavik’s immunization campaign against COVID-19 begins Jan. 18, with the region’s first shipment of 1,000 doses of Moderna’s vaccine expected to arrive by the weekend.

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(3) Comments:

  1. Posted by Think medical travel is a free ticket to party? on

    This is what happens when people think medical travel is a free ticket to party. Don’t you all know that there is a sickness going around?(That’s a rhetorical question.)

    Such a shame when we travel south and see all these drunks at the bus stop. Ullivik is for the sick. It’s no place to drink. I know some of you may have issues with alcohol but do you really got to be putting our region at risk? Is it worth it? Going out to a friends house who’s in contact with god knows who and drinking until your next appointment or meal, only to sit with other patients.. tsk tsk

  2. Posted by Was a Patient recently on

    I wish they would stop sending people down south if it’s not life threatening. Or at least look after the patients going out of Ullivik and not make them go anywhere for now. My goodness, this is re was so many drunks each day and they just let them inside the drunk tank. It’s like inviting Sickness carelessly !

  3. Posted by Anonymous on

    I have been a patient and an escirt at Ullivik. I am grateful that Ullivik was created and opened for the Inuit of Nunavik. As the above comments, I agree. Ullivik is for sick patients and their does not give the right for the escorts to be getting drunk on a daily basis.just because you are an Inuk does not give you the right to harass and verbally abuse the security and office workers at Ullivik.before being admitted in to Ullivik you must sign a consent form stating you will follow the rules. To all Inuit who travel south and stay at Ullivik or the quality hotel, you are not only embarressi6yourselves but embarrassing all Nunavik inuit by your blatant disregard of rules and are an EMBARRASSMENT.

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