New wave of COVID-19 could be coming this winter, GN warns

Health Department encourages Nunavummiut to prepare for an increase in cases, get vaccinated

The GN is encouraging Nunavummiut to prepare for a potential wave of COVID-19 this winter. (Graphic by Viktor Forgacs/Unsplash)

By Nunatsiaq News

Another wave of COVID-19 may be coming this winter and Nunavummiut should prepare for it, the Government of Nunavut Department of Health said in a news release Thursday.

The department said evidence points to a new wave of COVID-19 coming to Canada, and with colder days and people spending more time indoors the virus spreads more easily.

To prepare for that, the GN is encouraging eligible Nunavummiut to get up to date on their vaccinations. Vaccines are available in all community health centres and at Iqaluit Public Health.

All Nunavummiut ages six months and older are eligible to get vaccinated against the coronavirus. Phone the COVID-19 hotline at 1-888-975-8601 for any questions about the vaccine.

For more information on vaccines, the GN has an infographic and section on its website.


Inuit Child First, Indigenous Services Canada
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(13) Comments:

  1. Posted by wondering on

    ok..and??lets shut everything down again and accomplish nothing!

    • Posted by SARCASM on

      Yeah , more sitting on my ass and collect CERB .

  2. Posted by DUMBFOUNDED!! on

    FEAR AND PANIC being put into place once again….

  3. Posted by Igunaaqi on

    Here we go again! More fear mongering! I’m sure most Nunavummiut will fall for it.

  4. Posted by Northern Guy on

    Whether you like it or not the virus is coming. How we respond will determine the severity of the public health measures. Get ahead of the curve! Get Vaccinated, wear a mask and physically distance. If you don’t do these things I can almost guarantee there will be another round of shut downs and travel restrictions.

    • Posted by here we go again on

      There will always be a wave of covid. Right now the variant of the month is an omicron subvariant. who knows what -ron will come next. For GN to put this out, just reeks of asking for more funding. I might just scream if they are trying to spend that on isolation hotels again. I think the headline should read, GN warns of staff shortage in the fall/winter as more students go back to school and professionals leaves the territory. And more people opt to be on welfare.

    • Posted by Double-D on

      You are quite right. My wife and I have received both boosters (i.e., 4 vaccines) with gratitude, and the first bivalent vaccine is arriving this month to help in the next wave. Anti-vaxxers, the “Freedom Convoy” movement and similar deeply conservative social elements pose a growing threat to remedial public health measures and our societal stability in general. Their bubble keeps expanding as they spread doubt and inaction through misinformation and disinformation. I was born, raised and educated in southern Canada and am grateful for the quality of life willing Canadians can enjoy. As part of the silent majority watching from the sidelines, I am more than dismayed to see how a wilfully ignorant and misinformed agitating minority sews discord helter-skelter with seeming impunity, and how easily this seed seems to root and spread among the populace. Sewing and reaping… what?

      • Posted by Schitzel on

        4 shots? Congrats to you and your wife on getting your 4 shots. Did you get lollipops after every shot too? No? Darn nurses.
        Educated in Canada??? So what if you are. Doesn’t make you any smarter than a common Ethiopian….but, at least a common Ethiopian can point on the map the capital of France which I can attest most of your Canadian folk can’t.
        Quickly, the 5th shot is calling you. Don’t miss it.

    • Posted by Igunaaqi on

      You sure sound like a true Liberal.

      • Posted by antivaxxer on

        a loyal sheep

  5. Posted by inuk on

    Nunavut has already have a lot of covid cases, we just got used to it and went back to normal or act like nothing ever happened expect the government. Also, “people spending more time indoors the virus spreads more easily”? I thought virus spread more easily through gathers or going places to places, not being home more which is less contact with people

  6. Posted by Larry on

    I will just continue to be courteous and wear my mask at the stores, post office and any other public place.
    Least I can do.

  7. Posted by Lol the GN on

    Has the GN added a single bed or respirator since this pandemic? No, they just keep losing nurses and closing health centres. John Main is as ineffective as the long line of Health Ministers whose only apparent skill is to deflect staff retention issues and point the finger at Ottawa. How the existing senior management running the sinking ship continue to be there is nothing short of a miracle as they’d all be fired for this kind o performance elsewhere.

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