New discipline policy won’t work without “proactive” programs


The Iqaluit District Education Authority has produced a first draft of its discipline policy, but Katherine Trumper, the IDEA member who wrote the policy, said more is needed to deal with behaviour problems at school.

“The most important aspect of any student conduct policy is programs that help kids adjust to school and deal with anger and bullying,” Trumper said at an IDEA meeting on Monday night.

So far in the 2005-2006 school year, there have been at least five expulsion hearings in Iqaluit. Such hearings are held when a school principal deems it necessary to expel a child.

“That’s given us a lot of insight into some of the more violent issues occurring in our schools,” Trumper said.

“You have to have programs to help these kids,” she later said. “We don’t have enough programs.”

Trumper wrote the draft policy after consultations with parents and teachers. The IDEA plans to hold a focus group with high school students in the next four to six weeks to kick off more consultations.

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