Ninth person dies from COVID-19 in Nunavut

Dr. Patterson encourages vaccination, warns of winter infection wave

Nunavut has recorded its ninth COVID-19 death, the Government of Nunavut’s Health Department says. Nunavut’s Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Michael Patterson is encouraging Nunavummiut to get vaccinated. (Graphic by Viktor Forgacs/Unsplash)

By Nunatsiaq News

The ninth death in Nunavut from COVID-19 occurred on Aug. 26, the Government of Nunavut’s Health Department confirmed Monday.

“This is an unfortunate reminder that COVID-19 continues to be a risk in our communities and our condolences go out to the family,” Nunavut’s chief public health officer Dr. Michael Patterson said in a news release.

The GN did not provide any information about the age, sex, home community of the person who died, or whether the death occurred in the territory or in the south, citing privacy concerns.

Patterson added that the territory can expect another wave of COVID-19 infections this winter.

He also encouraged Nunavummiut to get vaccinated, calling it the best defence against severe COVID-19 infections, hospitalizations and death.

Health Minister John Main joined in the call for Nunavummiut to get vaccinated.

“We can all protect the health of others by getting vaccinated, staying home when sick, wearing a mask, washing hands frequently and using at home rapid tests,” Main said.

As of Aug. 26, all Nunavummiut more than six months old can get a vaccination.

To see if you are up to date on COVID-19 vaccination, call the COVID-19 hotline at 1-888-975-8601 or go to the COVID-19 section of the GN’s website. An appointment for a vaccine can be made through calling a local health centre or public health unit.

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(6) Comments:

  1. Posted by Jim on

    It’s nice to pretend there’s no more Covid or it’s not as bad as we think it is, we are still learning about this virus and how it can affect people, different strains and reactions vary from person to person.
    Still need to be careful and thoughtful.

    • Posted by MARS on

      Who’s pretending Jim? Or were you being sly and alluding to this newfound social accountability everyone is going on about?

      What if I told you I washed my hands and social distanced pre-covid? What if I told you the human body was a dynamic, every-evolving, extremely complex biological system that varies and reacts differently from person to person and from substance to substance pre-covid? Nah, that’s crazy talk.

      • Posted by Jim on

        Whatever floats your boat mars. Stay safe and respect thy neighbour.

  2. Posted by Northern Guy on

    Covid isn’t done with us yet and I fear that the fall may rough on a lot of people. Stay safe, wear a mask and keep getting vaccinated.

  3. Posted by Name Withheld on

    My sincere condolences to the love ones ❤️

  4. Posted by I live in the Arctic on

    Start releasing number of cases again in each community, leave it up to the public whether or not they mask up.


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