No charges after Iqaluit taxi crashes into boarding home

Fire trucks and police cars responded to scene Tuesday evening

A taxi slid off the road and into Iqaluit’s medical boarding home on Tuesday evening. (File Photo)

By Nunatsiaq News

A taxi driver slid off the road and into the Tammaativvik Boarding Home in Iqaluit on Tuesday evening, but nobody was injured, confirmed Cpl. Pauline Melanson, a spokesperson for the RCMP.

A large presence of emergency vehicles, including fire trucks and police cars, could be seen near the hospital around 6:10 p.m. on Tuesday.

No charges are being laid, as no alcohol, drugs or speeding appeared to be involved in the accident, she said in an email.

There was one passenger in the vehicle, Melanson said, and neither the male driver nor passenger were injured.

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(8) Comments:

  1. Posted by Say it an’t so on

    We all know how dangerous these taxi’s can be, from tailgating, speeding, cutting you off to just bad driving.

    I am just glad no one was run over and no one got hurt.

    • Posted by Slow driver on

      By the beer and wine store the taxi’s just stop on the road instead of pulling in, there is a bit of a curve, a turn so if you are driving fast you come up to a parked taxi on the middle of the road pretty quick, wait for them to pick up or drop of people, that a accident waiting to happen.

  2. Posted by Iqaluit’s finest intersection on

    I can’t stand that corner. That and the bottom of the plateau. People waving each other in without considering what’s coming in the other lane or cars behind them.

    But Kenny Bell says traffic is fine in town. No need for extra stop signs because it might disturb the “flow” of traffic. What flow?! It’s the most uncoordinated 30 km/h driving you’ll ever see in your life.

    As for cab drivers: i support them 100% when it comes to fighting the BS they have to endure from customers. But as a driver, I’m always weary of cabs because too many of them cheat the rules of the road. They’re always trying to bully their way into forcing you to let them in, and they always slam on the breaks to let another cab onto the main road.

    • Posted by John K on

      Iqaluit city council and all our MLAs are great defenders of the status quo.

  3. Posted by Jeff on

    This did not occur at the boarding it was the building next to it under construction. If your going to be the media at least try to be accurate.

    • Posted by Kanuwhipit on

      Yes, it is true, you can clearly see by the snow where the taxi went off the road.

  4. Posted by Mayor Bell winter tires yesterday on

    These vehicles are on the road practically 24/7 and it is readily apparent they do not have winter tires as they struggle to go up on roads. Thankfully it was not a tragic situation but what’s it going to take Mayor Bell as you give out the licence to operate these taxis in the city.

  5. Posted by Niel langer on

    Well pass the time to put battery
    Operated lights at some intersections also could use public transport “just dreamin”


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