Nunavut reported zero COVID-19 cases on Saturday for the first time since January. (File illustration)

No COVID-19 cases in Nunavut

Premier praises Arviat’s ‘strength and hard work’ as active cases fall to zero for first time since January

By Nunatsiaq News

There are no active COVID-19 cases in Nunavut for the first time in about two months.

The Government of Nunavut’s update on Saturday showed zero active cases, after sitting at two cases in Arviat earlier in the week.

Premier Joe Savikataaq posted a tweet commending Arviat residents for their “strength and hard work.”

“Keep it up. I’m so proud of my home community,” Savikataaq wrote Saturday afternoon in a tweet punctuated with four exclamation marks.

Arviat had been the only community throughout the territory with active cases since late January.

Nunavut reported its first COVID-19 cases last November, affecting Sanikiluaq, Rankin Inlet, Whale Cove and Arviat. By early January, the territory didn’t have any active cases to report. But later that month, positive cases were discovered again in Arviat.

While public health restrictions were eased throughout the territory, strict rules remained in place in Arviat. It has been the Nunavut community hit hardest by COVID-19, accounting for approximately 85 per cent of the territory’s 395 cases.

An Arviat man who died in a Winnipeg hospital in December was Nunavut’s first recorded COVID-19 death. Last week, however, 12 cases — including three deaths — that had been recorded in Manitoba were transferred to Nunavut for recording purposes, bringing the territory’s death toll to four.

Across Canada, more than 927,000 cases, including 22,617 deaths, have been reported since the coronavirus was first detected early in 2020.

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(9) Comments:

  1. Posted by The Old Trapper on

    It didn’t have to be this way.
    In Canada: 927,000 cases, 22,617 deaths. (Population 39 million)
    New Zealand: 2,444 cases, 26 deaths. (Population 4.9 million)
    Australia: 29,192 cases, 909 deaths. (Population 35.4 million)
    South Korea: 98,209 cases, 1,693 deaths. (Population 51.7 million)
    It is pretty obvious that the health and safety of Canadians has not been the highest concern of most politicians at the federal and provincial levels. The 3 territories and 4 eastern provinces are the only possible exceptions.
    People are upset and willing to demonstrate against wearing a freaking mask but no one is calling the federal and provincial governments to account for their gross mishandling of the pandemic, including 20,000 needless deaths, the illness of almost a million people, and the economic ruin of family after family, business after business.
    Canadians need to start asking their politicians the hard questions. How did you allow this to happen?
    What are you going to do to ensure that it never happens again?
    Nunatsiaq News you have reporters, and a means to disseminate the “news”. Maybe you could start with the federal party leaders and work your way down to the provincial premiers and party leaders?
    My only other alternative is to start my own political party and for some reason I think that you would have more success.

    • Posted by The News on

      I have found every valid criticism I have had again the GN and Dr. Patterson are never published. They seem keen to censor criticism of the poor initial and ongoing response in Nunavut.

    • Posted by whatever on

      oh no not another armchair CPHO

      they are coming out of the woodwork now LOL oddly enough all with that perfect 20/20 hindsight vision

      • Posted by Song and dance on

        To be fair this high moralizing has been ongoing on since day one with some people, whom don’t need to be named at this point.

  2. Posted by Old Trapper for Prime Minister on

    Old Trapper, if you run, I will vote for you.

  3. Posted by whatever on

    Would you like a side of facts with your main dish of FAKE NEWS?????

    Understand the how and when this all started in Arviat before you dive into your big steaming pile of alternative facts JACK!!!!!

    Ignorance is not an excuse

  4. Posted by Thank You on

    Thank You To All NEWS BROADCAST – Radio, TV, Newspapers, Twitter etc…for Updates.

  5. Posted by Hallelujah on high!! on

    So happy that the Lord Jesus Christ finally heard our prayers, it has been long time we have been praying and he heard us finally and made the covid go away men to you Jesus !!!

  6. Posted by Arviatmuit on

    Keep physical distance, use you mask , wash your hands , you don’t know the people if they have the COVID virus, from hearing some people refuse for a test from the medical staff , that’s there call so be careful at this time , freedom that’s some people are there excuse .


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