Northwestel adds 100 gigabytes to its biggest internet plan

Company spokesperson says Nunavut is ‘very competitive’ market

Northwestel Inc. has improved the data capacity for its largest internet plan by 100 gigabytes. Company spokesperson Andrew Anderson cites improvement in internet technology as a reason for increased data cap. (File photo)

By Nunatsiaq News

Northwestel Inc. has increased the amount of data available for customers who use its largest internet plan.

That plan, called Katittuq 15, has been upgraded to 300 gigabytes per month from 200.

Asked whether the change is in response to Starlink satellite internet becoming available in Nunavut last year, Northwestel spokesperson Andrew Anderson said “Nunavut has always been a very competitive market.”

The upgrade is being offered now because of improvements in technology in the internet industry, he said.


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  1. Posted by Almanac on

    “Nunavut has always been a very competitive market.”

    Sure it has. ?

    It isn’t even competitive now. Starlink is hands down the better service and better deal. That Northwestel added the 100gb now tells me they could have done it all along and chose not to. They could have been doing things like providing a community service for a very low rate to places like public library, group homes, homeless shelters or soup kitchen for the good of the community, but instead they did things like install load limiting devices to make it nearly impossible for people in the community to do things like check their email. There were many opportunities to be a positive, appreciative business in the community, but they ignored them and used up government grants to provide the same mediocre service to paying customers. Remember a couple of years ago when they “upgraded” their equipment, and suddenly the internet became nearly useless when it rained, and they tried to pretend it had always been that way? I don’t think Starlink is a more morally upright business, but at least I can without much thought use the service they are charging me for.

  2. Posted by Northern Inuit on

    that’s stupendously incredibly amazingly wonderfully seriously fantabulously horrendously 3 years too late.

    i’m sure the 9 people left on your plan will love it.

    • Posted by Number 3 of 9 on

      I’m kinda stoked about it to be honest.

      • Posted by Number 8 of 9 on

        I am so stoked I am installing Starlink this weekend!!

        • Posted by Tired on

          Will Starlink work on my south facing balcony yet?

  3. Posted by internet please on

    “Nunavut has always been a very competitive market.”

    …Then why do you offer 3x more than Qiniq when you’re both supposed to be sharing the same satellite?

    • Posted by Separate Satellites on

      I’m pretty sure they use separate satellites. From my experience, out of the two, Qiniq seems to be more stable and reliable, but doesn’t offer as good speeds or data caps.

      • Posted by internet please on

        Fair enough – I’m on Qiniq as starlink not available. Qiniq has always been more reliable and you don’t risk getting charged for going over, they just cut you off so i stuck with them. But they also get the lowest caps/plan.

        I just heard it was the same satelite. Either way, don’t know why Qiniq has so little compared.

  4. Posted by Atatsiak on

    Let’s not forget they have 2 starlink dishy’s on top of their building in Iqaluit, very very interesting. If you can’t beat ‘em, join em. Ha-ha.

    • Posted by on

      they also have one one their building in Rankin Inlet,,,

    • Posted by Lol on

      SSI also has 2 starlinks on all of their stations in Nunavut lol

    • Posted by inuk on

      same here in Arviat

  5. Posted by Confused on

    Thanks to Starlink, we have 1TB/month that we don’t even use up and now have a freedom to watch Youtube and netflix with multiple users.

  6. Posted by Hunter on

    For $150/month though Starlink I get unlimited high speed data for a month. Cancelled by Bell Satellite TV and replaced it with Dicovery Plus, Amazon Prime, & Netflix. Steaming has never been better.

    I figure we use 600 gb of data per month steaming with two TV’s plus all the gaming and youtube the kids use on their devices We getting 25 cents per gb at this rate and the more we use the price goes down.

    Data has never been so cheep in Nunavut….I remember the days where $100 would get you 2 gb and limited phone and a quarter per text….glad I never paid for that service.

  7. Posted by Starlink is superior on

    Starlink is cheaper, has no data cap, and…. IT WORKS IN THE RAIN!!!!

    • Posted by Not here on

      Except any nunastar apartment can’t get starling, we’re stuck with northwestel or crappy Qiniq. Qiniq should not be crappy, anything Northwestel can do is supposed to be shared with Qiniq.

  8. Posted by tuktuborel on

    NWTel is not a viable provider anymore if it ever was.

    More gig means nothing if the snail speed doesn’t increase too. They call 10 -20 Mbps high speed!!!!! On what planet are they from?

    • Posted by Boooo on

      Starlink Iqaluit user here. Just did speed test, 140mbps. Bye bye nwtel. You suck.

      • Posted by Tired on

        NWtel user here.

        My speed test failed due to connectivity issues.

  9. Posted by Old timer on


  10. Posted by Well now… on

    Frankly, I’m surprised that starlink was able to set up shop in Canada so easily. One of the keys to being an oligopoly, which is what we had for internet in the North before starlink, is to have a team of lobbyists to influence legislators and keep competition out. I still wonder how long it will be until someone complains that starlink is “too American” and threatens our Canadian providers. What if Elon decides to get into the cell phone business? Will it be as easy for him? Bet not.

    • Posted by Joaniasie on

      It appears that Elon is also Canadian, so I don’t think he’ll have an issue opening up shop in Canada. I hope he does set up a cellular mobile store in Canada. Would be nice not to have to pay big bucks for basic mobile like the US and Europe.

      • Posted by Tofino on

        Starlink is owned by Space X, which is headquartered in California. Sounds pretty American to me.

  11. Posted by Brian Willoughby on

    Traditional operators have recently reduced prices, to compete with star link, therefore prices have been reduced in the past few years. We are entering an age of unprecedented change and choice. Northwestel/Bell had an agreement with ONEWEB, that could provide Cell users with much better, (shorter connection times, lower latency less packet loss) at this time, why is this not a higher priority? This is better for those without starlink access.

  12. Posted by I’m getting close to leaving on

    No changes to the other internet packages? I know Starlinkers will laugh, but I wisely use my lowest NWTel internet plan (90GB), watch Netflix and Prime Video. I never go over, although sometimes I have to switch my phone from wifi to data near the end of the month (always have lots of that left available).
    Sure, Starlink is a way better value. But value doesn’t equal cost, and if Starlink is $200+ for the hardware and $150 per month for service, that’s about $1000 more in the 1st year than I’m paying for NWTel.

    A little appreciation from them would be nice.

    • Posted by John K on

      Appreciation is for customers with options.

      Welcome to life as a captive audience.

    • Posted by TMP on

      Math is hard… its nowhere close to $1000 difference in the first year. Besides if you are getting by on 90gb and watch netflix and prime then you must have them set on the lowest resolution that is barely watchable. We did this for years with bell hub 100gb for $130 and gladly pay 20 bucks more per month to watch in hi-def. With the exact same viewing time but watching on hi-def with Starlink we only use about 450gb per month… no data limit anxiety and you can clearly see the picture! And as well the both of us were able to lower the data allowance on our cell plans, saving $50 per month for a net savings of $160 (including purchase of Starlink equipment) in the first year of Starlink with service, speed and reliability that is about 1 million better than bell/nwtel or qiniq.

  13. Posted by John K on

    The affect of even subpar competition was as good as immediate. Once Starlink is running on all cylinders in the Territory (if it isn’t already) then Northwestel is going to get very uncomfortable.

    Now do airlines!

  14. Posted by Nunangat on

    This is the most comments i’ve seen in Nunatsiaq News lol
    I bet you this Andrew Guy has Starlink too……. no doubt lol

  15. Posted by VMG 1927 on

    All I know is its funny whenever people leave a service and the service provider doesn’t bother to ask why your leaving, they know why, they know they have sucky service. There is no reason for NWTel to keep there speeds so slow, if they had them at normal high speed levels, most people probably wouldn’t have left. 10-15gbps is not high speed!

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