Norway to learn Saami sounds


A new national school plan in Norway says all seventh grade school children will learn some basic Saami sounds.

The plan, which is strongly supported by the Saami parliament in Norway, has been met with some skepticism.

An assistant professor of Saami language, Odd Mathis Hætta, said he feared the plan could strengthen general opposition against the Saami language among the Norwegian population.

The new plan suggests all seventh grade students would “learn to recognize and pronounce the Saami alphabet.”

The proposal has been promoted by the Saami Parliament in Norway, the Samediggi, the newspaper VG reported.

The president of the Saami Parliament, Alli Keskitalo, said she doesn’t believe there will be any problems with the new school plan.

“I do not believe that there will be any big burden for the pupils to learn an extra few letters and sounds,” she said. “I have major faith in the curiosity and enthusiasm of the pupils.”

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