November rain in Iqaluit?


People in the South Baffin region were warned of a storm on Wednesday, that could include rain — a signal of unusually warm weather.

“While still a few degrees shy of the record 2.2 C set on Nov. 23, in 1946, it is definitely a far cry from the record low of -35.6 in 1972,” said Yvonne Bilan-Wallace of Environment Canada’s Meteorological Service in an email sent to media on Wednesday.

Temperatures so far in November are close to 4 C about normal for the month. The average high temperature is -5.7 C. In the last 59 years, only 11 Novembers have had mean daily temperatures of more than -10 C.

Yellowknife has also seen some unusually warm weather, on average, about 5 C above normal.

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