Nunatsiaq News has done a renovation

Our updated website launches today

Welcome to our updated website. We’d like to share its new features with you, including news categorized by region and topic, so you can easily find the news that’s of particular interest to you, and a page layout that’s more friendly to mobile devices.

By Patricia Lightfoot

Welcome to our updated website!

Like any homeowner who’s done a renovation, we’d love to show you around and point out the improvements we have made.

To begin with, we have made some changes to help readers navigate to the news that is most relevant to them.

If you wish to read the news from a particular region—for example, Nunavik or Nunavut—you can visit the news-by-region part of the home page or navigate directly to regional pages through the regions dropdown menu at the top of the website.

Similarly, if you want to catch up on topics such as business news, happenings in politics or developments in the North’s vibrant arts and culture, you can go directly to the relevant page via the topics dropdown menu at the top of the website.

An important new feature of the site is a page dedicated to stories in Inuktitut, which in almost all cases have been translated by our much-valued collaborator Therese Kunuk.

One particularly compelling aspect of the Nunatsiaq News website has always been the photos of the North taken by some very talented residents, and now, with our updated website, the photos are gathered in one place, so you can more easily browse through them.

Whether you’re drawn to David Kilabuk’s landscapes from around Pangnirtung, Niore Iqalukjuak’s photos of the geology of northern Baffin, Clare Kines’ studies of wildlife and night skies in Arctic Bay, or photos of everyday life and the changing seasons in Kuujjuaq taken by Isabelle Dubois, you will be able to see them all and many other beautiful images on the photography page.

As two-thirds of our readers now view our site on phones and tablets, we have moved to longer pages on our website, so that readers can find more content by just scrolling downwards.

Near the bottom of the home page, you can get a sense of what appeals to your fellow readers in a new section listing most-read and most-discussed stories. This section and the comment counters on stories will highlight the relevant issues of the day for Nunatsiaq News readers.

We would like to acknowledge our partners at Manoverboard, who listened to our ideas and suggestions for what might further improve our website and built the functionality we desired.

We would, of course, like to thank you, our readers and advertisers, for your continued support during a year that has been challenging for so many of us.

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(4) Comments:

  1. Posted by Crystal Clarity on

    Kudos on the renovations. A suggestion though. Might want to add a like/dislike button in the comments area.

    • Posted by Great Idea on

      Yes!!! This, would be great.

  2. Posted by Phil Lange on

    Great that Nunatsiaq News is being creative with their formatting. However, I see the same weakness here that occurs in big-name online news services. The same identical headline and identical article show up up to three times. (So boring, to see the same news item again and again.) There must be a better way.
    Imagine if you opened a hard-print newspaper and the same, identical articles kept reappearing. I would think there was poor editorial oversight.
    That said, I appreciate the NN and look forward to each issue.

  3. Posted by Southerner on

    The organization by category is nice. The only thing I miss are the main photos that accompanied each article before. A picture may be what draws me into a story, and now several of the story links have no photo.

    I love the artistic photos you present in general, and Taissumani is always interesting.

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