Nunavik co-ops secure funding to build safer fuel resupply

Ilagiisaq-FCNQ picks up $10.5 million from Transport Canada

A tanker offloads fuel to a Nunavik community last summer. (Photo courtesy of Ilagiisaq-FCNQ)

By Nunatsiaq News

Nunavik’s co-op association has picked up $10.5 million in federal funding to help improve its petroleum resupply infrastructure and reduce environmental risks across the region.

Ilagiisaq-Fédération des coopératives du Nouveau-Québec, which oversees the sale and delivery of petroleum to the region, applied to Transport Canada for the funding with the help of its partner and regional carrier, Petro-Nav.

Petroleum is offloaded to communities by cargo ships, through long rubber hoses or lines, and stored in local fuel farms.

With the new funding, Ilagiisaq will be able to do upgrades to community marine infrastructure in Nunavik’s 14 communities, by securing shore manifolds with concrete and installing 24-hour lighting.

A shore manifold is an on-shore terminal where pipes connect to offloading vessels.

Umiujaq, Salluit and Kangiqsujuaq will also get new bollards, or mooring posts, designed to help stabilize anchored resupply ships.

“Petroleum resupply operations are an essential service in Nunavik that generates a certain level of risk,” said Mark Blair, Ilagiisaq’s interim general manager.

“Ilagiisaq-FCNQ recognizes the importance in reducing the risk associated with these operations and continually strives to do so.”

The money flows from Transport Canada’s fund for safety equipment and basic marine infrastructure in northern communities.

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(9) Comments:

  1. Posted by More funding for workers on

    Maybe, just maybe, the gas station owned by the co-op in kuujjuaq would be open regularly if more of a funding was used to pay employees more. That gas station is really crippled with no workers most of the time. Thank god for Halutik fuel gas station and northern store, otherwise we would not get out hunting or be out of gas for our trucks so often.

    • Posted by Support the Co-op ans stop bying at the Northern on

      Come on forget the Northern and buy at the Coop, if more ppl buy at the Coop i’m sure gaz station will do better

      • Posted by Open when on

        Let me know when it’s open please. I went there at 6:30 at evening , as I was driving up the employee was closing for the day. It’s the only gas station in the whole province that doesn’t open on a Saturday morning, as the world is gearing up for fuel for the weekend. As a matter of fact, it’s rarely open at all. If they were a real competitive business, they be ceased.

        • Posted by Running on empty on

          Of the 3 times I last tried to go to the coop gas station in Kuujjuaq, 2 times its been closed early.
          It’s so disorganized, they can’t keep it open during their hours even when they would be getting many clients and make money. And sometimes by the time you realize they’re closed, the northern and halutik stations have already closed for the night! Then there’s not enough gas in the tank to leave town for the weekend, terrible.
          Kuujjuaq coop needs to always have staff at that station no matter how short handed they are in the stores, because sometimes they are the only place to get gas in town and they don’t sell any. I’d see others like me, roll up to the pump thinking its open then realize they closed it! If they don’t give dividends on gas and don’t stay open when they should, I’ll just stick with halutik.

          • Posted by UNGAVA on

            I always try to go to the coop because, the money , i spend their , i get back as cash dividend. Hope they fix the problem.

    • Posted by KUUJJUAQ on

      Yep , the coop gas station in kuujjuaq is very bad, thank god there are two other places to gas up

      • Posted by No incentive on

        That’s the story of Nunavik, kuujjuaq especially. No incentive, no motivation . Maybe the hospital and other essential workers should stay home from time to time and not work, close the service, let’s see how that would fit?

        • Posted by Not good on

          The economy in kuujjuaq is not dependent on a system of healthy business supply and demand, competitive market. Whether local services open or not , on the end of the day, they survive due to a welfare, government input bail out. No need to work the economy, the government will do it for you. It’s not a normal business world like you see in the south, where you have to be dedicated to run the store. That’s very bad for the customers. The only thing that would not close due to lack of anything is the beer and wine sales. To witness that in its line ups and toxic consequences thereafter with misery is the story of kuujjuaq.

  2. Posted by Toxic on

    The co-op stores in Puvirnituq and Kuujjuaq are toxic outlets due to beer sales and wine. It’s documentary material. The one in kuujjuaq is worse. The strong smell of weed as you approach the entrance, not sure where that comes from, but it’s pretty strong. As you enter the door, first you see drunk individuals standing on the steps as thou it’s the towns hangout. You get inside and all you see is line ups with beer in each aisle. Most times one cashier bottle neck the line ups to one cash. Sometimes only the
    Office open, all cash register closed. Guard on the door playing with his paper receipts , neatly packed for the accountant in Montreal or where ever. Then we think of covid and all the dedication from people on the front lines, shadowed by the importance of co-op membership.

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