Nunavik health officials confirm new COVID-19 case in Kuujjuaq

Individual flew Jan. 30 on Canadian North flight 5T164

The Nunavik health board’s COVID-19 alert map shows that Kuujjuaq and Kuujjuaraapik are considered a “controlled risk” for the virus, while the region’s 12 remaining communities are considered low risk. (Image courtesy of NRBHSS)

By Nunatsiaq News

Nunavik health officials announced a new case of COVID-19 Jan. 31 in Kuujjuaq.

The individual arrived in the community Jan. 30 on a flight from the south, according to a news release from the Nunavik Regional Board of Health and Social Services.

The person is now in isolation.

The news release says anyone who flew Jan. 30 on Canadian North flight 5T164 from Montreal will be contacted by a public health nurse to evaluate their risk of exposure.

There are currently no other active cases of COVID-19 in the region.

Any Nunavimmiut who have symptoms of the virus — including fever, an unusual cough, difficulty breaking, loss of taste or smell, a runny nose or sore throat — should contact the region’s COVID-Health line at 1-888-662-7482.

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(4) Comments:

  1. Posted by peter on

    My question, concern is the timelines. One has to have a negative test, have no symptoms, be approved to travel north, good public health measures. If one is experiencing symptoms upon arrival its good to get another test although would it not take at least 48 hours for the results to come back.

  2. Posted by Me thinks it creeping in on

    4 or 5 cases over pass few months in kuujjuaq. Just nothing how susceptible we are. There’s a very weak link in the detection system, no one’s fault, as far as I can assess, but it’s serious. There’s still the enemy of dishonesty that lives among us. Not saying this is the case here, but people usually know how they got infected in hindsight, wish we could be shared their experiences, to help others who may go where they shouldn’t go. But who knows. Once a person do become infected, they’re very powerfully loaded now with the weaponry to infect. They are only not to infect as by the behaviour they will display in a 14 day period or so., that isolation, quarantine period. General public still not too educated as I can tell. We’re not out of the woods by the tree line anytime soon, vaccinations or not.

  3. Posted by I’m concerned on

    I’m very concerned as I navigate day to day amongst people who are so misinformed or not even informed as by their own incapable aspects to be informed. The health board had to go on the air last week to address the ignorance among us. Whether it be the actual COVID-19 in its positive tests or the vaccine that’s about to protect us all, we are in a constant battle with ignorance in Nunavik. Go no further dear readers, than your voice on Nunavik, a sorrowful Facebook group that thrived on ignorance and biased remarks. It’s incredible to say the least. Out of the wood work if you like. It’s good in a away they ignorance has its outlet in that group, but be ware it’s sickening. This is entertaining at its most concerned time.

  4. Posted by concerned on

    Assi limited information.
    Were the other passengers advised to self isolate?
    Did the flight go onto another destination with passengers? Used to be a flight from Montreal to Kujjuaq to Iqaluit.

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