Nunavik officers cleared in 2019 Salluit death

Sandy Alaku died after police vehicle rolled over him

Quebec’s Crown prosecutor has cleared Kativik Regional Police Force officers of criminal responsibility in a July 2019 incident that resulted in the death of a Nunavik man. (File photo)

By Sarah Rogers

Quebec’s Crown prosecutor has cleared Kativik Regional Police Force officers of criminal responsibility in a July 2019 incident that resulted in the death of a Nunavik man.

Late July 5, 2019, KRPF officers were called to a disturbance at a home in Salluit.

According to an investigation and report prepared by the Bureau des enquêtes indépendantes, when police arrived, they saw an individual dragging another man, who appeared to be unconscious, in front of the home.

When officers parked their vehicle to intercept the attacker, the police vehicle rolled over the victim, who was lying on the ground nearby.

Officers took Sandy Alaku, 48, to the local health centre, where he died shortly afterwards.

Quebec’s director of criminal and penal prosecutions, or DCPP, concluded in a Sept. 3 news release that it found no wrongdoing on the part of the officers.

As two people involved in the 2019 incident face related charges that are now before the courts, the DCPP declined to comment any further on the case.

Once the court process is complete, the Crown prosecutors office will issue a final report confirming the facts of the incident and the reasons behind its decision.

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(7) Comments:

  1. Posted by Love landing I the fiord on

    Remember the crash, it was horrible. In front of the village really. But you know, booze have crippled us. We are strong, but struggling. In days go by, anyone could assaulting anyone. No charge , just say sorry. Krpf , you are not what inuit think. But it’s better than abuse by our village. Thank you.

  2. Posted by Nunavik Inuk on

    We investigated ourselfs in the result of the Inuk mans death and we find ourselves to have done nothing wrong and we are innocent from all our actions

    • Posted by Yeah no on

      The BEI is a civilian agency independent of the police, set up to investigate the police, so the police weren’t investigating themselves.

  3. Posted by KRPF within on

    It must be the most difficult job in Nunavik, being a police. Difficult due to alcohol related calls, over and over and over. It’s not an interesting job if you are mostly dealing with drunks day and night. It can rot you heart and soul, and drive you away from being enthusiastic about your job, hard on you life as well. But without the police, it would be catastrophic. More people would be affected by the drunks. We need the police, and we need people to see themselves and what the real impact of alcohol Is doing.

    • Posted by Inuk on

      We need more Respectful cops here, this is not America!! KRPF is the most violence cops in Canada. and that needs to change!!! Inuit lives matter!

      • Posted by Yeah no on

        Cops are very respectful. If they’re treated respectfully, they treat you respectfully. That’s basic human decency. If they are insulted and belittled for doing the job they are here to do, of course they will seem rude. Look at the abuse they receive. Spits, kicks, constant swearing, just for doing their job.
        We as Inuit should be thankful to have them coming here

      • Posted by Cop or whatever on

        It’s not just the cops, it’s doctors, nurses , social workers too, but cops are what we’re talking about here. It’s the people that are abusing alcohol, those that can’t handle a few beers, without bothering neighbors, family, out drunk in public, brave with a drink in , drunk driving. No human, can take that and be kind, it’s like animals out to bite. Anyone reading this , and do nothing , next time you see a drunk, you’re as bad as the drunk. I saw a drunk , bothering kids in a store a while back , and I gave that drunk, a good old sobering frightening voice. Get the drunks out of our society , start speaking out , or call the police , zero tolerance.

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