Nunavik police arrest new suspect in child pornography investigation

Police seized equipment from home in Akulivik Nov. 22

A joint investigation by the KRPF and SQ led investigators to arrest a fourth suspect for the possession and distribution of child pornography Nov. 22. (File photo)

By Nunatsiaq News

Nunavik police say they’ve arrested another suspect for the possession and distribution of child pornography, as part of an ongoing region-wide investigation.

A joint investigation by the Kativik Regional Police Force and the Sûreté du Québec led police to a residence in Akulivik on Sunday, Nov. 22, where investigators seized “various” items, the KRPF said in a news release.

A suspect was arrested shortly afterwards for possession and distribution of child pornography, police said.

The arrest is the latest in a region-wide investigation into child pornography. On Oct. 8, 20 and 21, Nunavik police arrested suspects in homes in Akulivik, Kuujjuaraapik and Umiujaq.

Police have not yet indicated if those three suspects face charges.

The KRPF say that so far none of the victims appears to be from Nunavik.

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(5) Comments:

  1. Posted by Protecting our children on

    In the grapevine of Nunavik conversation, this concern with who’s coming into Nunavik is alive and well. We have a small population that appears to need the services of many people from out of our territory. We don’t know much about who’s coming in. Many organizations with Human Resources that are not connected are involved in the hiring of such individuals. We need a standard and more communication together, and police records, which don’t always exposed the problem , because not all people up to no good have been arrested, but use the police criminal checking along with a good thorough investigation of who these people are, before they are welcome, or permitted to enter Nunavik. We must keep vigilant and not allow our guard down, our children are our responsibility to protect.

    • Posted by TaMa on

      Victims are not from Nunavik but they don’t say if people arrested are outsiders or locals .

  2. Posted by Another old trapper on

    Good that they have been apprehended but why were they in the communities and who did the work for? How long have they been there?

  3. Posted by Inuk on

    I’d like to ask how in the south they met up and did such things. Show us!

  4. Posted by Who are you? on

    Let me tell you something that’s concerning. The residents of Nunavik are invaded by the mysterious people that are entering our territory. Not invaded by violence or sexual exploitation, even thou that’s always a concern, but invaded with being pushed around as second class citizens. These new people coming in are now asking us to identify ourselves for one reason or another, maybe some work in an industry whereby it needs to be known who we are for security. But non the less, these outsiders , which we know nothing about who they are, no security checks done , and now requiring us as residents to tell them , and show them our identity. This works in the city centers, but it degrades our small community living.

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