Nunavik police seize contraband liquor in Kangiqsujuaq

Estimated street value was $21,000, according to news release; no word on arrests

Nunavik police seized an estimated $21,000 in contraband vodka in Kangiqsujuaq on Oct. 12. (Photo courtesy of Nunavik Police Service)

By Nunatsiaq News

Police in Kangiqsujuaq say they seized a load of contraband alcohol Oct. 12 at the community’s post office.

According to a news release from Nunavik Police Services, the seizure included nine parcels of Smirnoff vodka — 48 1.57-litre bottles and nine 750-millilitre bottles.

Police estimated the street value of the seizure was $21,000.

Nunatsiaq News emailed Nunavik police asking if any charges had been laid or if it was continuing to investigate the seizure, but did not receive a response at the time of publication.

This is the second contraband alcohol seizure Nunavik police have announced in less than a month.

On Sept. 27, officers seized 26 bottles of vodka, 104 grams of cannabis and 200 contraband cigarettes at the airport in Ivujivik, according to a Sept. 29 news release. The value of that seizure was estimated at $10,000.


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(12) Comments:

  1. Posted by Somebody going to be thirsty on

    Congratulations to the spouses, kids and family and elders that will be save from abuse for awhile. This stops a few drunks and lunatic for a little while. Police did their job well, and in advance, of towing the deranged off to jail after assaulting and dangerously driving. Keep getting it, go go.

    • Posted by Imagine on

      Imagine being in your home town, and having booze confiscated? Why, this is a trick question, careful with you responses. Tell someone from out in space , like a Martian visitor about why booze is confiscated. Even if it’s not for bootleggers. What happens to many people in town when they drink?

    • Posted by Over run on

      Lots of booze and drugs, over flowing into the heads of lunatics. Even a few beers sets many a man or woman off the handle, into jail hospital or the graveyard. But considering that alcohol is legal, it’s more about the dropped under the table ones who get up to roam. As far as the hard drug, it’s not fit for anyone, and in the brains of the lunatic is deadly.

    • Posted by Keeps you from the cage on

      Some people only need a few sips for their already on their way to hurt their families, equally to hospitals and jail time, they shouldn’t drink, don’t even smoke.

  2. Posted by Umiujangmiuk on

    Look at all those Russian made Vodka’s. The bootlegger’s, are they supporting the Russian’s ? Yes they are. Putin supporters’, let’s get rid of them.

        • Posted by Louisa nunavvimi on

          Who cares what brand vodka is? it is alcohol nonetheless, great job to the Police that caught this tip of the iceberg of bootleggers, that would’ve made the children sleepless, due to the ‘parents’ that do not know how to drink.
          Again hats off to the local Police of Kangiqsujuaq.

          • Posted by Silence on

            That saves a lot of crying over people that died 30 or 40 years ago, the drunk that cry’s only when drunk. It saves the torment of doctors , nurses, police, first line workers, social staff, dyp. Save from the screaming, saved from the urinating, and feces that accompanied the drunken stoned fool, that knows nothing but bothering everyone else.

          • Posted by Insult to the drink on

            I don’t care about what you call a bottle of spirits, but I do know that a drink sure gets an insult when it lands in the hands of many problem drinkers. A drink is a pleasure for those who can handle one, two , or a few more. But in Nunavik, and many other places, the drink is like a slobbering chug a lug, or a go to jail free sip. Yes, an insult to the drink, and to the pleasant drinker.

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