Nunavik Module offers help to abused women


I would like to comment on your guest editorial of Nov. 25, 2005, entitled “You are not alone.”

First of all, I would like to express my appreciation for the writer’s courage in telling her story. The events she describes are part of the daily reality for many women around the world, as well as in Nunavik. I have been working with the Inuit of Nunavik as a social services practitioner since 1993 and have listened to many similar stories.

It is true that for many women, it is very difficult to obtain the help they need and it can seem as if there is no hope. The writer has provided us with a very clear description of some of the factors that can keep women trapped in abusive situations.

However, she also offers hope and encouragement. She has found her way out and is living proof that a new life is possible.

At the Northern Quebec Module, we regularly receive clients from Nunavik who are living in abusive situations. At every opportunity we try to help these women examine their relationships and the alternatives available to them. As part of our work, we have recently developed and information handout that will soon be available in three languages (English, French, Inuttitut), and will be distributed throughout Nunavik. It is called “Resources for Women Living in Difficult Situations.”

In closing, I would like to echo the writer’s message to all women living in abusive relationships and tell them:

* You are not alone.
* You deserve a life free from abuse.
* There are people out there who can help you.
* Keep seeking help until you find something that works.
* Never give up.
* Have faith in the possibility of a better future.

Lynn Sparks, MSW
Social Services Department
Northern Quebec Module
Inuit Patient Services

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