COVID-19 offers another reason to quit smoking, vaping

Michael Patterson, Nunavut’s chief medical officer, is urging residents who smoke or vape to quit to reduce the risk of getting COVID-19. “Smoking and vaping are linked with increased risk of catching COVID-19, but also with more severe complications from COVID-19,” Patterson said a news conference on Tuesday, April 7. (Photo by Emma Tranter)

By Emma Tranter

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  1. Posted by INUK on

    Yep , lets start building Utopia

  2. Posted by Whitey on

    Hey we tried a few times but that did not work maybe this time

  3. Posted by I SPY on

    Greater risk to those overweight too.

    Just saying if any of our leaders want to lead by example they could quit smoking, lose weight and also start practicing what they preach about distancing themselves from others. I see ya all!

    • Posted by I spy too on

      Nay, don’t need their example. No good. Overweight, smokers , vaping, boozers, all at risk. But I spy those drunk idiots not bothering their family and friends, less abuse. Kids are safer. I’m probably dreaming , but not on the dope, nope. Blessing from the virus if people stop abusing. I spy in next two weeks or so, let’s see how we spy how it goes, but I also spy that physical distancing in not going well in Nunavik. I spy the virus making its entrance.

  4. Posted by Cannabis too on

    Smoking marijuana is even worse too because there are many chemicals in the ingredients; besides we hear that a joint is equal to seven cigarettes. And smoking it through hot knives is very damaging.

    People; please stop smoking cigarettes, marijuana and vaping! You can quit

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