Nunavut’s legislative assembly names new acting languages commissioner

Karliin Aariak’s appointment becomes effective Oct. 21

Nunavut’s legislative assembly has appointed an acting languages commissioner, Karliin Aariak, following the resignation of Helen Klengenberg, who resigned from office in September. (Photo by Jane George)

By Nunatsiaq News

Karliin Aariak of Iqaluit has been appointed as Nunavut’s acting languages commissioner.

Simeon Mikkungwak, Speaker of the legislative assembly, announced the appointment, which is effective Oct. 21, last week.

Karliin Aariak of Iqaluit will serve as Nunavut’s acting languages commissioner. (Photo courtesy of Karliin Aariak)

“Ms. Aariak’s professional background, which includes positions in both the Office of the Languages Commissioner and the Inuit Uqausinginnik Taiguusiliuqtiit, makes her well-suited to taking on these important responsibilities,” Mikkungwak said in a news release.

Under the Official Languages Act and the Inuit Language Protection Act, the languages commissioner has a mandate to protect language rights for the Inuktut, French and English languages.

The languages commissioner also acts in the role of ombudsperson and monitors, advises and advocates for language rights’ protection.

Under the Official Languages Act, the languages commissioner of Nunavut is appointed by the commissioner of Nunavut on the recommendation of the legislative assembly for a four-year term.

The management and services board of the legislative assembly may also recommend the appointment of an acting languages commissioner when the office is vacant and the house is not sitting, the release on Aariak’s appointment said.

The previous languages commissioner, Helen Klengenberg, resigned from office in September.

Eva Aariak, Karliin’s mother and a former premier of Nunavut, served as the first languages commissioner for Nunavut before her 2008 election to the Nunavut legislature.

A public invitation for applications for the position of Nunavut languages commissioner has been issued, the legislative assembly said, with further information about the position on its website.

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