Nunavut’s new five-plex units will have gun cabinets, says housing minister

“Having a safe space to store firearms is part of Inuuqatigiittiarniq”

Nunavut’s new five-plex housing units will come with a place to store guns, housing minister Patterk Netser announced Thursday in the legislature. (Photo by John Thompson)

By Emma Tranter

Nunavut’s new fiveplex housing units will be equipped with gun cabinets, Housing Minister Patterk Netser announced Thursday in the legislature.

“There may be no better form of self-reliance than that of hunters on the land. But when they return, they need a safe space to store their firearms,” he said.

The addition of the cabinets falls in line with the Government of Nunavut’s Blueprint for Action on Housing, which calls for the housing corporation to incorporate Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit principles in its design, Netser said.

“If we hold to our principles and follow them in ways both big and small, they will thrive. Having a safe space to store firearms is part of Inuuqatigiittiarniq—caring for people. Without it, people might feel less comfortable with firearms in their home,” Netser said.

Netser said the cost of the cabinets is included in the budget for the fiveplexes, so there is no additional cost to the tenant.

“I understand the keys will be given to the tenant when they move in to the unit.”

Inuit Child First, Indigenous Services Canada

Netser said he does not know how many firearms the cabinets can hold or what they look like.

“I’m a firm believer that the gun is not the danger. It’s the person behind the gun that’s the dangerous one,” he said.

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(12) Comments:

  1. Posted by funny on

    Question – What takes up 5 cubic meters, weighs 800 kilos, can’t be locked and holds 2 firearms?

    Answer – A cabinet designed by the GN to securely store 10 firearms.

    (with apologies to the writers of Chernobyl)

  2. Posted by The Native on

    It’s a great idea to install gun cabinets for the safety of children and people alike, but don’t try to hide it under a cultural blanket by call it Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit principles. I don’t believe guns were a traditional peace of hunting equipment.

    • Posted by Fake it til you make it on

      Exactly, any “feel good” measure will be filed under IQ until further notice. And though we don’t really know what it means.

  3. Posted by Huvaguuq on

    Hahahaha!!! So the Min of NHC goes one step further to become the father of those who can’t think or act for themselves????? Come on!!!
    Fire the designers or at least make sure they are buying legal cannabis!!!
    Train parents how to think for themselves instead and make them totally responsible for their lot in life.

  4. Posted by Bill man on

    Really. To stand in the peoples house and make a statement like this is beyond the pale. People need more and better housing not gun cabinets.

  5. Posted by Ms. Tupak on

    This gun cabinet should be mandatory in all houses being built. And more so in Inuit communities and yes it is Inuit Qaujimajangit as a house down South wouldn’t be built with one.

    • Posted by Independence on

      That’s because people down south provide their own gun cabinets, without someone having to do it for them. Partly that is because gun storage laws are actually enforced against mainstream Canadians, so they have to comply with the law. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great idea, but it’s because folks aren’t complying with laws and common sense on their own, they need government in Nunavut to do it for them.

  6. Posted by Jim MacDonald on

    It’s good Minister Patterk Netser understands hunting, guns, and home safe storage. It was only 30, 40 years ago when the qamutik/komatic unlocked box was the best outdoor storage.

    However, the socially engineered “safe-space” words for everything are a concern. As if everything is too much to handle, and the Government must control everything for the only acceptable forward direction.

    The hushed silence from Nunavut before the passing of Bill C-71 is hard to understand why.

    Mr. Netser must stay strong and not let hunters, law-abiding gun owners be the target of upcoming Liberal gun bans. When nothing continues to be done addressing gun crime, gang violence or closing the “Welcome to Canada”, just walk across the open border.

    We’ll see what gun ban(s) if any, happens in Vancouver June 7th.

    Federal Liberal Minister Bill Blair is hinting towards the slow, unnoticeable banning of all guns. Starting first, guns cannot be kept at the place of residence.
    Instead guns must be kept at a “safe-space” gun storage building. Where one must go to sign out your gun and bring it back before the time limit ends during open hours only.

    Makes it convenient for “safe-space” gun storage to be closed or kept closed whenever Federal Government wish. An instant Liberal gun confiscation by moving the “safe-space” to closed.

  7. Posted by UNFAIR on

    so, not only do “hunters” that will get these public housing units get to pay minimum rent, subsidized power, now they will come with gun safes? Public housing renters don’t pay for fuel, they have subsidized power bills, no water bill, no garbage bill and new public units will have gun cabinets. Meanwhile, Nunavut Housing Corp. encourages people to buy their own home but we get nothing. Way to go MLA’s, I hope you’re all proud of yourselves.

  8. Posted by Grow Up People on

    Stop babying the ones that do not want to work GN. Start appreciating the ones that do want to make a change in life and struggle to make it on there own as much as possible.
    A working family forced to live in public housing as they make too much to qualify for Homeowners assistance must pay max rent. There goes 70% of there paycheck after deductions. Then cannot afford to put much food on the table or purchase hunting equipment.


  9. Posted by Grow Up People on

    Whereas a family living off income assistance pay $60 a month which our taxes pay for, live a more richer life then the working families. Now NorthWestCompany starts taking monthly gov’t issued checks as finance credit approval and a lot of them purchase snowmobiles thanks to taxpayers

  10. Posted by Grow Up People on

    Time to stop referring them to low income families and bailing them out every which way. Make them work for there assistance. Be it volunteer hours of some sort. Make them want to get paid instead of handouts. Things have to change so Nunavut residents can quit being treated like children when it comes to alcohol. So southerners can quit looking at Inuit as people who only live on handouts. Etc….

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